A slang word for babymilk (breast OR bottle)used when talking to your baby -
" would you like some milkies now bub?"
by Twizzi February 17, 2009
1. To derive sexual pleasure from something
2. An exclamation used in anticipation of such sexual pleasure.
1. Person A: My girlfriend came over last night.
Person B: Did you get any milkies?
Person B: Oh yeah.

2. Person A: My mum is entering a wet t-shirt competition.

See also: cheapies,jollies,oats
by J Riley September 22, 2006
What my 5- and 7-year old daughters call breasts. They witnessed their little twin brothers breastfeed, and therefore have no doubt as to the function of mammary glands on a human.
Mommy, look -- my dolly is having some of my milkies. (her shirt is up and the doll is "nursing.")

This is not "sick" -- it is a healthy thing that the daughters are learning what to do when they have a baby.
by Earthmom June 21, 2004
An abnormally pale, blond-haired individual (resembling an albino)
Look at that milky mother fucker!
by Big Ben ROFLberger December 30, 2012
a new word for breast.( not reffering to breast milk, just a new word for nice lookin titties)
she got some nice milkies, i would like to suck on them. damn baby gurl let me see those milkies. you pay her money to look at those milkies and she lets me suck on them for free.
by $nowman'$exy April 05, 2010
This word is used to define something that is ugly and or wack.
"yo, get out of here giiiirl wiff yo milky ass face."


"damn man, my internet is acting too milky."
by behunt93 January 07, 2009
To steal someones work and call it their own. (Also might make a few changes to the stolen work so its not so obvious but you can still tell when you listen or see both works.)
Johnathan(The milky): Hey I thought of a new Song!
Kenny: Lemme hear it!
Johnathan:(Plays song on guitar)
Kenny: Hey.. that sounds like my song.
Johnathan: Nope its different.
Kenny: it sounds exactly like mine.
Johnathan: Nope mine is better and it has a rhythm..
by XxCandyCaneOrgasismsmxX March 02, 2010

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