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A white guy
man that shut up you milkweed
by jesse January 17, 2004
Slang often used by Latino's when describing a white person.
I let you knock my hat off my head once Holmes, do it again and I'm gonna put you down Milkweed.
by STOOGE CLOWNS July 16, 2010
a white person who tries to stop your ideas like a weed, blocking someones ideas
stop being such a fucking milkweed.
that bitch just milkweeded me!
your a milkweed
go join the milkweedians
by oh how conspicuous April 02, 2009
putting your ramboozle rod into a magic tunnel until the walls come rumbeling and tumbeling down

also known as


splunking is also known as galooshing in france

galooshing in france is also known as looking at pornography in your basment nude wishing you had friends family a job a life and a baseball bat
i wrote this when i was high on milkweed

i like to touch those bogadous apple pies
by the asshole from hell May 23, 2008
Used as a substitute for any other noun.
I punched her right in the milkweed.
by I got no pants April 20, 2003
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