A milkshake is a black person who pretends as if they is white. It's as if they are almost entirely made up of vanilla ice cream, but have just a littleeeeee bit of chocolate syrup that makes them a different color.
Brandon: "I love going to New Kids on the Blocks Concerts!" (as he's dancing and singing)

Me: "Wow, Brandon. You are such a milkshake! You act whiter than me and I'm 100% c-a-u-c-a-s-i-a-n."
by Joey McIntyre February 22, 2011
A ghetto handjob or blowjob.
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.
by YippeeKayay June 21, 2013
2/3 ice cream, 1/3 milk, place in blender, mix, serve chilled
strawberry milk shake
by dude December 31, 2003
'Heaven on Earth!'
"If I had MILKSHAKES right now I would become a boss!"
by rawrkitten101 April 01, 2015
A magical device that brings all the boys to the yard.
I'm lonely so imma make myself a milkshake.
by naaadine May 11, 2014
When a woman is full of cum and continues to partake in sex, all of that shacking and mixing equals a milk shake
If you take enough cream pies you'll have a milk shake
by Gypsy-Jip-C May 20, 2010
The sexual act of oral intercourse, when the man ejaculates the woman takes the cum into her mouth swishing it around to create a foamy consistancy before spitting it into the man's mouth.
man: "Do you want to give me a milkshake?"

woman: "shaken or blowjob?"
by Mrs. Figgywiggins November 05, 2011
When a man has finished ejaculating and is shaking his penis to get out the last drop of cum.
After receiving a blowjob, the man had a milkshake.
by RoVo July 11, 2013

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