The act of extracting milk (semen) from your roommates while they are sleeping by jerking them off
Roommate 1: "Why the fuck is there semen all over my bed again?"
Roommate 2: "Cause I was up all night milking you! Haha."
by adsffgvsdfadf February 23, 2015
What Ubisoft does with all it's franchises
Ubisoft must like milking Assassins Creed and Just dance. They release a game almost every year
by Veeridel October 10, 2015
Screwing around at your job or any other place where you are getting paid to do actual work.

Can also refer to a time of day.
(4-5pm is known as the milking hour)

Spanish: Ordenando (OR-den-YAN-do)
"Does Hector have those TPS reports done yet?"
"Nope, he's just been milking at his desk."

"You've been here two weeks and already you're milking!"
by Studioerebus October 01, 2003
When a bong is being used to smoke or marijuana, when the tube of the bong is being filled with smoke it begins to milk. So therefore while the bong is ebing filled with smoke it is milking.
"Yo Jack don't hit that yet it is still milking"
by DG April 10, 2005
The act of picking up road kill and placing it on another person's door step. This is done as either a joke between friends or as an effective way to get back at another person.
Last night we went milking and hit that asshole Steve's house.
by ohdah May 12, 2009
it means someone is or is trying to make fun of, play you, or get over on you in some way.if you say milk, it usually means that someone just did.. milk you... milk..
my babydaddy tried to milk me for my paycheck,but im the one who does the milking around here! (homegirl in backgound laughs and replies,"milk"!!)laughter:)
example#2 the mother milks the father..
example#3 chick says to her homegirl,"i know that treasure troll face lookin bitch is not trynna wear any MAC makeup!" homegirl laughs and replies,"milk"..
by DOLLFACEQUEEN February 27, 2009
To attempt to get naked pictures from a woman. When you succeed, you have milked her dry.
I was milking melissa last night, I milked that slut dry.
by Anon1363 November 02, 2009
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