MILKING THE COW -- The cash cow is a popular business term. The 70's was an interesting time especially in the Pacific Northwest and Dan Wieden and the Communist party and the Nike Logo is a Sickle.

The biggest pay off in the world, and name change and plus sign and cross. A man who became rich for essentially espionage. Milk the cow means a nice financial contribution to support the arts. Urban Dictionary is an art.
MILKING THE COW --- Because of Dan Wieden I have had the pleasure of meeting Tatyana, Olg, Mya, Stanislav, Kacha, and Roman. All move here from Russia and have an interesting story to tell me. Then Fookers at a bar and wild sex and pictures.

MILKING THE COW --- I think somebody needs to use urbandictionary in their advertising campaigns. Get the point.
by RustlerHustler December 07, 2011
The act of squeezing the tits of the girl you're taking from behind - she's on all fours. See also milking the brown cow if you're doing the girl via the poop-shoot.
I was milking the cow when she asked me to switch from the playground to the garbage dump.
by big_schnasty January 31, 2005
When a man grabs a persons nuts, and in result makes the person ejaculate.
Guy:Awwww damn,thats freaky as hell.

Guy 2:What?

Guy 1:Theres a picture of a guy milking the cow.

Guy 2:Shit man...thats discusting.
by smitth13 February 15, 2011
WHen a woman has intercourse or sexual relations with a man and she moves the penis in a jerking gesture just like durring sex a women rubs up and down on the penis to make sperm ejackulate like head, strawberry short cake, or buff or any other type of sex/dick related subjects. The woman moves the penis in a motion like milking a cow!!!
LIke last night i was having sex with Chloe she was milking the cow on me.
OMG Chloe yesterdayy i milked Joey really hard!
by Gigigan June 13, 2008
when your bird has given you a hand job and you have spunked all over her sleeve and the she squeezes the cloth so the salty goodness drips off like milk from a cows udder!!
by POWER B May 14, 2003
The act of a girl jerking a guy off to make him cum while he is laying face down in a netted hammock.
Bob: Where is Katie going?
Jack: Oh that slut got thirsty so she is milking the cow on some stranger in the park.
by JJCCMMT November 11, 2014

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