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1)To pass the time in a lazy and careless fashion void of purpose and usefulness.
1a)A state of being that often follows THC ingestion and/or a Percandabeer.
2)Milking a Rabbit whose fertility and litter size are lower as a result of lactation and the animals natural biological response.

Syns. Rubbing the spermicidal biscuit. Circumnavigating the mushroom cap globe.

Near Syns. Helping a blind man navigate traffic, Forgetting to lock the gun safe during your sons 12th Birthday Party at the house.

Ant. Getting behind the wheel after eating some Xanax and having a few beers to get White Castle.

A) If I didn't spend all day milking the bunny maybe she'd finally date me and drop the restraining order.

B) Work is not about productivity but rather milking the bunny in disguise.
by Rich Isyouge October 03, 2008
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