to be drained of money, bought something too expensive.
Joe: How much you buy that game?
Bob: $100
Joe: You got milked
Bob: Thanks
by eric jin May 01, 2005
Top Definition
a women that rides the dick untill u cum tighten up and milked the cock
that bitch milked me for ever last drop
by killa bs November 03, 2006
When a smoking device is filled enough with smoke to where it looks like it is filled with milk.
That shits completely milked.
by shooshie kraus October 07, 2007
When someone takes a joke too far, and it is no longer funny.
Guy 1 - HaHa dude your so feaking queer xD

Guy 2 - So... Your nans got webbed feet ^^


Guy 2 - ......You milked it.... -.-
by dontevenaskdude January 08, 2010
When you go to get cereal and you pour it then find out you have no milk.
Todd: Hey want some cereal ?

Jake: Sure

" Pours cereal" . " opens fridge, no milk."

Todd: We just got milked
by DaVirginator April 23, 2010
Verb; A word used to exaggerate a situation.
Girl: Sam is so hot haha and really sexy.
Boy: Thats great.
Girl: But seriously, hes like orgasmic
Boy: Ohk this is getin weird lets not talk about it.
Girl: But omg hes so perfect and hot.
Boy: STOP! Its so weird!
Girl: Haha finally you cracked, and yee i kinda milked it.
by Camboo:) June 01, 2010
To get dissed/Yelled at/ insulted by a black girl. This is a very common thing.
person: Hey you cut me... You got to wait in line..

black girl: Shut up.. (proceeds to cut ahead of me)

person: Wow you truely are ignorant..

Black girl: (Proceeds to ramble on and on, insulting you.)

Another person: Wow.. you just got milked.
by 286R December 23, 2009
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