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boob, breast, manboob
Dude! look at those milkjugs!
by Avviegirl March 03, 2014
the act of depositing large amounts of seamen in a glass milk-jug and having 1 indivigual drinking it
james: wow tom did u see how many guys showed up to that milk-jug party
tom:yea bro i saw her chug a half gallon :(
james:is that healthy ?
by james anthoney wild August 19, 2011
(verb)-(to, Milk Jug)To cum in someone's anus. It can be used in either Heterosexual, or Gay sex (Besides female on female intercourse, of course).
Damn, that boy is fine as hell. I want to Milk Jug his ass really bad.
by Big Daddy Gabe January 25, 2009

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