A young gay homosexual boy who gets aroused and/or ejaculates when he sees an attractive boy

They often make fun of other people because they are embarrassed about there true sexuality
Do you see Logan over there? I heard he was a milkman.
by Blackopsking January 10, 2011
A newspaper girl that was mistaken for a milkman by the stupidly rich marie antoinette. She lives on the third floor of marie antoinette's mansion, because it has the best view. marie antoinette is in love with the milkman and wants to marry him/her, even though that would technically make them lesbians, but it never happens anyway. The milkman, in actuality, is just a creeped out newspaper girl, but in marie antoinette's eyes, she's a handsome milkman delivering delicious, cold milk.
It was so awkward. I felt like a milkman.

It was so milkman, nothing made sense at all!!

I'm sooo going to fail this test... I'm such a milkman in this class.
by the newspaper girl-milkman July 05, 2008
when someone drinks an insane amount of milk then partakes in oral sex
girl: man i just drank an entire gallon of milk now i'm really horny

guy: man, i should go milkman that hoe
by tschlep March 18, 2009
A Yungin Slangin Rocks Or Shakin Nigguhs "A Nickname Given Too A Yungin Because Of His Liking Of Milk Or How Light His Skin Is He Is Usally A Real Nigguh Who Keeps It 100 And Dont Play He Is Liked Buy Many O.G.'s And Ova Yung Thugs
Dat Nigga Milk Crazy,He Just Shook A Nigguh Down By The Projects

Mann My Niguh Milk Go Ham Yeaaa Yeaa Tell Em Milk Us Real Nigguhs Dont Play

" Goes By Milk,Milkton, Or Milk Man
by Milkton Got Stacks On Deck April 19, 2009
Milkman is a phrase used to describe
a. A very hot guy
b. A very ugly guy, used in sarcasm
Girl 1: duude, that guy is a total fucking milkman!
girl 2: Fuck no!
by Sage.. and Piper December 12, 2003
someone who leaves cream up the back passage
boy that joff stock is a milkman
by Anonymous March 22, 2003
milkmen go way back to when milk was delivered to peoples doorsteps. Milkmen are very dedicated to delivering milk, which explains why milk was always delivered to doorstep in under five minutes!!!
Dan: my mom works for Cleanlyness Milk Company.. and when i grow up im going to be a milk person and work for Cleanlyness Milk Company too!

Sarah:wow! neat i wanna be a milkman with you!
by julie February 27, 2005

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