a being who in which snitches/grasses people up if they know they are doing wrong. will try their best to get you in trouble.
karl: hey come rob that shop?

josh: naaa man look in isle three, full of milk men!

karl: we'll come back when the milk man has gone.
by james carlos harper December 15, 2013
Milkman - A popular S.East Dallas "Pleasant Grove" rapper. Milkman or The Milkman was raised in the hoods of P.G and Oak Cliff. The Milkman made over $500,000 in cash from selling drugs in the ghettos of Dallas. The Milkman spent 5yrs in prison after getting caught with 10 kilos of cocaine in its car. He was released 5yrs later and joined the rap game.
...Moving 20 kilos in da snow white vette.
All da way from Memphis to the north of Lafayette.
Snow Bird, Snow Cones, Snow White, Snow Seal.
15 thousand dollars hommie if u wanna make this deal.
Cocaine dreams, coke head snoops
Get the snow candy servin lines up by da scoop.
Cocaine dreams, coke head snoops
Get the snow candy servin lines up by da scoop

From "Cocaine Dreams" by: Cracker Jack n The Milkman.
by mmoef10 October 19, 2010
The guy who takes such a huge hit of the bong that the whole chamber turns completely white with smoke. Milkman status is usually followed by heavy coughing and tearing eyes.
"Dude, look at that huge hit Ben is taking. He's the milkman."
by blushda1223 September 17, 2011
A pimp that fucks every hottie that he can..a tough mother fucker that loves to get wasted and get with girls all the time...Ditches their cousins for other friends and/or beer and drugs...hits dogs from behind aslong as some other guys....likes to try to squirt their sperm right into the girls eye and hair..gets with moms or dads if he has the chance and loves to rap little kids for COOKIE CRISP
"O great here comes Milkman everyone run"

"Shit didnt milkman tap her last night too"

"Dont talk shit the milkman is coming"

"Man that pimp is such a MILKMAN"

by Pimp nigga bitch February 09, 2006
Another word for a piss-up.
"Hi Charlie, you want to come round our's tonight? We're having a milkman's"
by Kristian K October 11, 2005
when a guy jizzez on his hand and then fingers a girl in the vag
yo dude!
I milkmanned my girl last night!
by swimmerr January 21, 2011
a man who is extremely fat and so in result has large man titties.
Look at that milk man, he just went and got another big mac
by Ginger luver October 23, 2009

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