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One who delivers the milk for great justice. Seeks to white out the scene until their is no evidence except milk.
Milkman- I am the milkman. My milk is delicious.
by teh milkedman May 27, 2009
DC metro area slang for drug dealer.
"The alphabet boys are on my tail because they think i'm the milk man.
by skootuh boi September 03, 2008
Person bowling last in a Tenpin bowling team, as they must always deliver in the last frame to determine the fate of the match.
Jimmy really delivered in the Milkman spot last night.
by thedhg May 03, 2013
A guy who 'milks' his beers (drinks slowly).
I'd like to get the hell out of this cock farm of a bar but Pete's being such a fuck'n milkman over there, I don't know if we'll ever get outta here.
by Pokey the Clown August 20, 2007
He whose loins you came from
I am so glad that the milkman is my daddy and not that ____ Terence who I have thought it was for the last 25 years
by alkie chris February 26, 2004
A person that rides the clock not doing a thing just to rack up over time. Also know for Milking the clock. Also know as Mr. Mayfeild
Did you hear Todd got 80 hours this week? He's a real Milk Man.
by overtime king January 22, 2014
a being who in which snitches/grasses people up if they know they are doing wrong. will try their best to get you in trouble.
karl: hey come rob that shop?

josh: naaa man look in isle three, full of milk men!

karl: we'll come back when the milk man has gone.
by james carlos harper December 15, 2013