A term used to describe a fat or round black or dark skined person.
"Shut the fuck up, milkdud," said Bob to the small black child.
by The Ghost November 09, 2005
n. A small, brown, round, fecal sample that is left on a pillow of a girl after a certain guy tries to have oral sex with her.

This can also be used as a nickname, or proper noun. As in John is a milkdud. Or "Hey, what's up, MilkDud?"
Jane left a milk dud on the pillow because she can't control her sphincter muscle, and doesn't wash her butt often.
by the dud-in-at-or September 23, 2003
The part just inside the anus
I was tossin her salad, and I went for the milk dud!
by Jerry July 13, 2003
Calling for the front seat in the car, see shotgun
Yo, don't even try to sit up front. I called milk dud.
by 20-20 July 19, 2004
A man that has mixed racial backgrounds, but acts black around his colored friends, and EXTREMELY white with thug overtones around everyone else.
People that use racial words to describe themselves and others as thuggish while driving a brand new Ford Explorer or nicer vehicle and wearing the best Ralph Lauren.
Milk Dud trippin in a minute when he went to Macy's, the line was long as hell
by Beast B. August 24, 2006
after having sex
twisting the womens nipples
i gave her the hardest Milk dud last night
by ryan perry October 03, 2007
When your man puts chocolate on your titties and calls it a milkdud.
tities smothered in chocolate. I am gonna have some Milk Dud.
by Sarah R. Drain August 15, 2006

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