Mother I'd like to Kill
My x-wife sure is a MILK
That MILK She's A Tramp
by My X is a MILK October 13, 2010
(Verb/Adjective) To destroy, break, or tamper with anything to the point of breaking it.
I milked the car by smashing it with a hammer.
by Raphytaffy April 22, 2009
When a person swallows your man juice.
She sucked my straw and swallowed my milk every last drop last night.
by hollywood doc September 20, 2006
A slang word that means "Skimp" made by Alanna
Man I hope this job aint Milk yo
by Alanna Mae September 15, 2006
Weed, Chronic, Marijuana. Same difference.
"Hey bro I got some milk, lets do this shit!"
Man 1: "Hey dude you got any milk?"
Man 2: "Na, I just ran out."
by Nick Dillard May 07, 2008
Acronym for items in a purse or bag. Money, ID, Lipstick, Keys
Suzie: Got MILK? I hear they check ID's at the door.
Darla: It's in my purse.
by Lincoln Chinnery July 08, 2006
Mother I'd Love (to) Kick.

Opposite of MILF.

Dude that old bag that you were talking to was a MILK.
by Sam1 January 24, 2007

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