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To Ron Burgundy, an inappropriate substance to be drinking in hot weather. It also has a high level of calcium.
Ron: Milk was a bad choice!
by Milkwasabadchoice August 17, 2006
a gorgeous white female
heyy, remember those milks at the party the other day??
by ViBRATO July 13, 2009
What my two year old calls my boobs
Mama I can see your milks.


Daddy's milks are too little
by GogogadgetArm July 14, 2011
simply, milk is white gold.
Lauren: So... thirsty.... would pay a million dollars for a pint of milk!
by lilrachel333 June 05, 2011
That thing that comes out your mom's boobs when you suck on them.
When I'm thirsty, I like to suck on my mom's boobs to drink milk.
by Woo!!!! April 12, 2009
A spoof version of words such as 'phat', 'wicked,' etc, and other words that temporarily express the 'coolness' of a given situation, object or person.

Can be used imaginatively, ie super-cool is FULL-FAT MILK M8 and something not not so good is SKIMMED, said with a shake of the head.
- When your llama has quadruplets then you may say 'propa full-fat milk yea m8!!!!'
- Having watched Free Willy, you may say 'well, on the whole, I'd say semi-skimmed.'
- On your soggy biscuit dropping into your tea, the phrase 'dang! my biscuit just fell into my tea. That is skimmed', would be appropriate.
- When someone manages to ride a skateboard and cook a full-english breakfast at the same time, you may express 'ahh you iz so full-fat you iz cream bruv!'
by Clarch September 19, 2006
When something is awkward or lame.
*Girl gets up and does awkward impression of someone, and she is not funny.
"Man, that was so milk"
by Wyatt P August 23, 2010
verb: to make long; to waste time doin
the boss wants us to do way to many things. i say we MILK the first job and the go to lunch right after.
by jonnycockryn February 08, 2009