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A term used by physician anesthesiologists to describe the subset of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA's) who believe that there 2.5 years of nurse anesthesia training makes them EQUIVALENT to an MD/DO who has 12+ years of training. This is a term used to describe the leadership of the AANA, and all its members, especially those who are vocal supporters of this evil organization and who donate money to its PAC's. A militant CRNA not only believes they know everything a physician anesthesiologist knows, but they advocate that nurses should have independent practice rights in anesthesia. A militant CRNA advocates the "doctorate in nursing" degree, as a ploy to mislead patients that they are physicians.
Dr. Nurse, a militant CRNA completed his associate degree in nursing at his local community college. From there, he completed his BSN online, worked for one year in the ICU, and went to CRNA school, and by age 25, Dr. Nurse believes he is as knowledeable as a board-licensed physician.
by anti-aana August 26, 2009
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