My nickname
What are you guys doing tonight?...just hanging out with MILFy.
by Nej February 11, 2004
Top Definition
an adjective. another way to express "mother i'd love to fuck" MILF
Man that chick is milfy!
by Jason Flash February 16, 2005
Having the characteristics of a MILF.
Mmmm, Bea Arthur is so milfy...
by Dr. Balls May 04, 2005
An adjective meaning 'smooth' and 'straighforward'
"How did the exam go?''

''It went pretty milfy thanks''
by cebollita November 11, 2009
A filthy milf
Man, your mum last night was milfy!!
by spewj July 04, 2011
Gallagher's Mom. Shes not really a Milf we just call her one because it initially pissed off Andy.

Andrew! get down here and stop making love with that poodle.
by Funk Master Flex January 07, 2004
An adjective that means extraordinary or exceptional. Originated in SoCal during spring 2006... yeah.. if you surf, and you are from socal, you know this!
OMG! That barney was soooo like.. unmilfy
by sfifield August 21, 2006
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