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The ejaculate into an orifice of a MILF and continue to vigously penetrate until the ejaculate becomes frothy.
Hey, remember when I spent the night at your house last night? I woke up early and had sex with your mom. I gave her a MILF Shake. Pretty wild huh?
by 1337Noodles April 26, 2007
89 42
A mother that you would love to fuck that has big titties, and that you would proceed to suck on for long periods of time if presented the opportunity.
Yeah, the one with the huge melons? I would love to make a milfshake with those double d's
by whiteboyawesome August 03, 2011
24 10
a dance in which many attractive older women are taking part
Dolly and Eric's reception turned out to be a bit of a milf shake.
by philologue August 12, 2011
1 6
Having group sex with two or more MILFs, at the same time.
Guy #1: You can't have a MILFshake if you had sex with one at 10:00PM and another at 6:00AM.

Guy #2: What the hell is a MILFshake?

Guy $1: When you get two or more MILFs and everything starts shaking around.
by johnnytherock July 05, 2011
10 15
When you hook up with a lactating mother, and you use her breastmilk to make a milkshake.
Bob- Dude, you're dating Kristina? She's a mom!

Richard- So what? We made milfshakes last night, and they were delicious.
by Harry Richard Head January 29, 2011
7 15
Having a threesome with two smoking hot milfs. In any position as long as at least 5 different positions are performed.
I met these two smoking hot babes at the bar last night. Instead of taking one home, I took them both home and had myself a milfshake.
by comanchiefsolomon July 04, 2011
4 16
making a milf shake
your mom
by nick January 19, 2004
35 79