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A guy who likes to have sex with an older woman. MILF is the abbreviation of "mom I'd like to fuck" so he hunts
moms who he would like to fuck.
Jack is such a milfhunter bastard his new girl is 56 years old.
by Biker July 12, 2004
225 69
An ugly goateed middle-aged asshole that fucks "milfs" on the internet even though he is probably older than all of them, for three reasons..

1. The chick they claim is 39 is really 19.

2. The guy is just fucking old.

3. And kind of fat.

How can the site be hot if the guy fucking the milfs is a grandpa that nobody wants to fuck.
Hey, i think i saw the milf hunter guy at the old folks home the other day!
by Jaggerrules July 14, 2004
939 282
A person or group who wishes to pound that mature box until your hear the lips go "squishy squishy".
Anytime anyones mom get's porked
407 174
A man who carries out the art of slamming woman who have had one or more children.

Not to be confused with the fat wanker with a goatee who bones chicks that are paid and unlikely to actually be mothers, they are just loose as.

A milf hunter is noble in his cause, making sure he only roots milfs, maybe even buying the kiddies a little treat for them being so cool about their mother being spread-eagled.
I am Nathaniel, I am Milf Hunter

by macs11 April 22, 2009
116 15
some 1 who hunts down milfs and bones them several times and calls them fetish
by Jamie H June 11, 2003
212 156
Balding scouser who looks older than he really is. Unable to hit on laydeez of his own age or younger, he has to look to the more 'mature' woman. Sadly he doesn't get far with them either as his cheeky smile is as far as it goes..always hunting, never scoring Sexually unsophisticated he resorts to shaving his nutsack to make himself seem more attractive. Hasn't had intercourse for so long he is technically a virgin. AKA - Brizza
Milf Hunter - The dude that runs the stationery team at our work. Cheeky, chirpy, covered in tattoos. He's already eyeing up the latest 'older' woman to start in the office..
by Jimbwoy March 14, 2007
102 80
A foot shooting male who glamorizes his demonizer BASED on age (older women) while demonizing his own gender BASED on age.

He calls older males who seduce young college girls "predatory dirty old men" then calls himself a "hunter". He glamorizes the being who will call him "pervert, predator, dirty old man" when he becomes a sugardaddy as his polarity shifts downwards towards women younger than him.... An inevitability since 90% of males marry and few marry someone older than them.

He rewards women's age based demonization of him with age based glamorization while the rest of males marry females younger than us because.... F that double standard. Its a HUGE turn off.
"when I was 22 I was a milfhunter. I loved a 40 year old woman. I gave 4 yaers of my life to her. Then I turned 40 and young women because the mysterious woman and I met Sherry who was 22. The milfs i once glamorized.... descended upon us with their standard vicious labels 'you pervert predator dirty old man she can be your daughter. How dare you catch up on the youth we took from you DIRTY OLD MAN. You sick creepy old man'. They told her I was "dangerous" just because I was 40. That's what the milfs I glamorized did to endless 10000s of boytoys of the past. Thats when I realized who milf REALLY IS (my demonizer). And I realized who I really was all along (a sucker). NOWWW i get it."
by gloonie roonie November 08, 2006
77 55