Beautiful, smart and voluptous. Quite often this name belongs to a sexy, brunette European with a flair for fashion.
Wow...I wish I as Milena as you are... damn gurl!!!
by Miss Booty September 26, 2006
a girl who is strange yet sexy
an amazing find
but hard to keep
"yo i saw Milena today nd she was lookin fiiiiinee"
by keoel December 02, 2007
An amazing girl, and the best girlfriend. She's hard to keep but when you've got her, she's the best girl. Her boyfriends bestfriends are all jealous.
Sweet, sexy, beautiful and very talented.
Damn, Milena's looking fine today.
by LiveLoveMusicLife November 12, 2011
an untalented girl. has no spark. unattractive. but good with animals. Milenas usually have cowlashes, thin mouths, frizzed up hair, and chicken legs. but they love animals and will make great animal researchers, rescuers, and vets.
Yo milena cant act, sing, or dance but she loves dogs! She's great with animals.
by mypseudonymiswhat July 12, 2011

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