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Female traveler with a compulsion to collect airline frequent flier miles/points. Obsessively charges every possible item on her airline-affiliated credit cards. She selects hotels & rental car companies based on how many promotions or bonus miles they will contribute to her accounts.
She's got her Elite status cards and sits in First Class drinking Champagne with the suits because she's a serious mileage whore.
by KPinOH September 14, 2006
A person, typically in consulting, who will go out of their way and often inconvenience others to fly the same airline and gain the most miles while flying from Point A to Point B.
"Neil is such a mileage whore, we routed through Denver with a 3 hour layover to go from Chicago to New York just so he could get to Premier Executive status. But I have to admit...those cheese sticks and crackers in the Red Carpet Club made me want to be a whore."
by Ludicrasity August 30, 2008
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