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1. A hateful rapper who frequently shouts out his name.

2. The protagonist of the NES game StarTropics, and the sequel Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II.

3. New Zealand rugby player.

4. An American football linebacker.

5. A basketball player for the University of Maryland.

6. An English football (soccer) player.

7. An American professional wrestler.

8. A Canadian pitcher.

9. A Scottish film director.

10. A jazz musician.

11. A French musician born in Northern Ireland, 28 January 1952, musician on the French scene and former collaborator with Jean-Jacques Goldman.

11. A rodeo performer.

12. An American MLB pitcher (b. 1959).

13. A new age pianist.

14. An Australian based Sound Editor, Multi Award winner including Academy Award For Lord of the Rings.

15. A Roundhead soldier who fought in the Battle of Rathmines outside Dublin in 1649.

16. A former sex worker (personal trainer) who provided sexual services to evangelical minister Ted Haggard.

17. A culture and technology commentator.

18. A medieval scholar.

19. Mike Jones (Chiker), Owner of the shed.
No examples needed for this definition of Mike Jones.
by frodaddy March 09, 2007
A strange southern creature that elevated to celebrity status like last year i think. Nonetheless, Mike Jones should be remembered by a number of things:

1. his resemblance to one of the ninja turtles
2. his inability to develop any street cred
3. the only rapper ive heard actually say vagina instead of some other slang word to talk about female genitalia.
4. one of the few rappers that even white suburban kids make fun of.
5. yet another reason why texas is the butt of so many jokes
6.the only person known to man with celebrity status to give out his cell phone number and ask his audience to call him.
7. the reason why the song "I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper)," in which Mike Jones collaborated, is that much more funny
8. his beef with chamillionare
9. the reason why Tchaikovsky is turning in his grave (mike jones has used some of his audion samples)
10. very possibly the reason why elton john turned into such a bitch earlier in the year (he worked with mike jones in a number of remixes)
11. giving uneducated minorities and white people with no rhyming skills alike a glimpse of hope
12. another piece of evidence giving dave chapelle more backing in his theory that music execs can most definitely not pick up black people off the street and expect them to know how to flow (refer to the Fisticuffs "turn my headphones up" sketch from chapelle's second season)
and last but not least,
13. the infinite number of times he repeats his damn name ( and the first few lines from his songs.
The mike jones escaped from six flags san antonio! alert the peoples
by Natalia Q September 17, 2006
mike jones-
def 1. A member of the swisher house swisha house

def 2. An anthem in the streets
Mike Jones- "If u aint Mike Jones from the Swisha House with the Swisha house piece and chain..."

Who? Mike Jones! Who? Mike Jones!
by James July 25, 2004
A stupid ass black guy who can't rap for rabbit nuts. He gets fucked in the ass daily by Paul Wall, while Michael Watts watches them while crying and jacking off at the same time
Oh snaps dogg, did you watch that Mike Jones video?

Fuck no bitch, I aint a fucking fag.
by ... April 02, 2005
a guy who cant rap and got famous simply on a few good beats
that damn mike jones is so retarded he has to say things seven times in a row
by bill hinrichsen May 01, 2005
Former NFL linebacker famous for 'The Tackle' in Super Bowl XXXIV
Due to sharing a name with a half-tard aphasiac rapper, many people have forgotten about the Mike Jones that has a talent.
by M G-man April 20, 2006
Former holder of the title 'Dumbest Thing in Hip-hop', but his repetitive lyrics and obnoxious persona have since been eclipsed by the likes of Soulja Boy and the Dirty South dope rappers (Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane)
Mike Jones' repetitive lyrics- from 'Back Then'

But then my name started blowing up quick, now they jumping on my dick
'cause they see me on the rise and know now my paper thick
But then my name started blowing up quick, now they jumping on my dick
Because they see me on the rise and know now my paper thick
by MrWest.on June 13, 2010
a texas rapper. swisha house rapper
"4 4's im tippin
wood grain im grippin
catch me lane switchin
with the paint drippin
turn yo neck and yo dame missin
me and slim we aint trippin
im finger flippin and syrup sippin
like do or die i'm hoe pimpin
cars stop rims keep spinnin'
im flippin drop with invisible top
hoes bop when my drop step out
i shakin da block with 4 18's
candy green with leather screens
my gasoline always supreme
got do do brown with apain of lean
it takes grindin to be a king
it takes grindin to be a king
first round draft picks comin'
who is mike jones? comin
slab shinin with the grill and woman
slab shinin with the grill and woman
im mike jones who mike jones
the one and only you can't clone me
got a lot of haters and alot of homies
some friends and some phonies
back then hoes didn't want me know im hot hoes all on me
back then hoes didn't want me know im hot hoes all on me
back then hoes didn't want me know im hot hoes all on me
I SAID back then hoes didn't want me know im hot hoes all on me"
-mike jones-still tippin

"281-330-8004 hit mike jones up on the low cuz mike jones about to blow"
-mike jones-back then
by coldspringz_ogg@yahoo.com June 07, 2005