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multimedia guru from print to broadcast design migs aka supremebeing is one of the founders the monday night fight klub as well as its parent show the beat klub and now check the credits dvd. migs aka supremebeing has an extensive resume with extensive work from universal & universal latino, mtv2 as well as mtv3tresthe all latino mtv his work has been seen everywhere fox 5, vibe tv, bet as well as univision and mun2 in the latin markets LEADER OF TWELVE GAUGE SPECIAL OPERATIONS MEDIA UNIT
migs aka supremebeing Twelve.Gauge.Media (a conglomerate of astepbeyond, inc)*Leader Of The Special Operations Media Unit
Fight Klub /Beat Klub/Check The Credits Dvd/Universal/Mtv 2/Universal Latino/Mtv Tr3s.
by migs aka supremebeing October 03, 2006
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