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PC Newspeak word for non-U.S. citizen who has entered the United States illegally, i.e., without proper documentation and without complying with legally required U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) procedures.

Synonyms: Undocumented Immigrant/Worker, Illegal Alien.

Mexicans who cross the Texas border into the U.S. by evading Customs checkpoints.

"Bob is such a pussy he uses 'migrant worker' instead of illegal alien.
by Anonymous May 02, 2003
When you sit naked on the back of someones neck and rub your a-hole back and forth for erotic stimulation. So when you're done the back of their neck is all brown.
I just gave your sister a migrant worker and now she's like Pig-Pen from Charlie Brown.
by oswald cobblepot zinn February 15, 2011
these are generaly polish, slovak, russian or portugese people who come to work in another country..normally northern ireland.

you will find most of them are lazy, rapists, diseased or have been in prison for robbery. They are also all illegaly claiming benefits from the British Government to satisfy their drug habits.
John: where are those new workers from?

Billy: they are fucking migrant workers..
by nick_griffin November 02, 2010
imigrants with the first name edwin
Be a good Edwin and go pick those oranges and grape fruits off the tree.
by Daddy November 10, 2004
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