A non-medical professional with no training who "helps" babies be born.

While midwives fell greatly in favor in the past due to modern medicine, they are currently experiencing a slight comeback because hippies are stupid.
"We're thinking about hiring a midwife for our baby instead of a licensed medical doctor."
"Enjoy your stillbirth."
by Salman Rushdie May 31, 2013
Top Definition
A person, usually a woman, who is trained to assist women in childbirth.
I'm so glad that my midwife helped me while I was in labor.
by some crackhead December 30, 2005
Slut that a gentleman bangs between wives.
You know that high class dude ain't gonna keep bangin' that stank ho forever. She's just a midwife.
by doktorj October 26, 2014
A person, usually a woman who dragged out the baby from the pregnant woman's vagina.
"The midwife is sticking her fingers in to reach the baby's head"
by iamtiredandshouldgotobed February 01, 2010
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