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Midway Georgia is known as a place where there is absolutely nothing to do.

Most houses consist of meth labs and smoking "weed". Crack/cocaine/angel dust all of the above are also very popular.

Most the teenagers have nothing better to do than fornicate, have babies and make their families care for them.

Most women in the population will get with any guy who may have money,drugs,or have a nice size "junk".

Most men will get with anything that can say they're name.

Most parents have given up on their kids in this small ratched city.

The only fun to do is shoot at each other and maybe rob the same convient store for the 5th time.
Guy 1: Lets go make some money?
Guy 2: How?
Guy 1: Lets rob the convient store up the road. Momma got the baby and i'm high as a kite.
Guy 2: Didn't we rob that store last week?
Guy 1: Yes but they have new glass in the door.
Guy 2: I love midway,georgia!
by tswizzle35 January 17, 2011
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