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The long and intense process in which during anal sex a man howls like a wolf at midnight just as he is about to blow his load. At this point, the male pulls out and forcefully shoves his cock down his girl's throat and cums with such force that it goes down and shoots out her ass. When done right, the male will have acted quickly enough so that by the time his juice comes out her anal cavity, he already has his mouth over it, thus receiving his own jizz in his own mouth. After this, the man transfers the jizz to the woman's vagina, shits inside of her, and uses the cum/shit mixture to fuck her one more time. Once he is finished, he puts his dick back in his woman's mouth and she licks off the accumulated mixture and swallows, thus receiving a midnight wolf treat.
Person 1: Dude did you taste Hannah's mouth today?
Person 2: Yeah man, tastes funky. She must have gotten a midnight wolf treat.
by MrWolfTreat February 11, 2014
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