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half price at your local porn retailer
by somebody February 20, 2003
Pornography where people who are short in stature partake in sexual acts. Sometimes depicted in baby jumpsuits and diapers.
I dunno, never watched it. . .
Paul: "there was this porno where they where dressed as babies!"
Francis: "Oh yeah!! Midget Porn!!! that's deadly!"
Paul: "Eh, Midgets?? surre. . . .!"
Gareth: "DAAAMN!?!?! Franny watches baby porn!!"
Francis: "It's not babies it's midget porn!"
Paul: "What's that?! Male babies?!?!"
All: "Franny, your sick!"
#midget #small porn #porn #babies #eewww
by -peslo- January 28, 2008
Instant orgasm every time.
#small xxx #little people on the make #hidden cameras #1-900 #orgy #little lesbos #little hands = bigger dick
by Chengo Bolemongo October 06, 2006
1. Porn featuring midgets

2. A phrase used in jest as a proxy for anything (often, but not necessarily porn) where you want to be deliberately vague or insinuate nefarious doings without being too specific. For example you could say "this party is boring, I'm going home to watch some midget porn" meaning you have something more interesting to do but can't be bothered to describe what. Or you could tell someone with a computer virus that they need to stop looking at midget porn, meaning that they need to stop frequenting the dodgy website they got the virus from, whatever it my be.
I might finish this essy on time, if I cut back on the midget porn for a few days.
#midget #porn #excuse #proxy #vague #generic
by PiemasterUK May 19, 2011
Imagine two dwarves with tiny weiners and itty-bitty poopers and, my friend, you've got midget porn. Highly erotic.
The 70's euro-midget porn-fetish-scat film "18 jamaican monkeys tickle my weiner" is a textbook example of what makes a dick hard.
#jews caused 9/11 #blacks > jews #dead babies #yogurt #cheese #onions #taco #spelling #grammar #tags are words that describe your entry. list synonyms #antonyms #pooping off an overpass onto a moving vehicle #grandmas are old #and sexy #poop #1337 h4x #urban dictionary authors write definitions that define their world. while you write #remember these guidelines
by Joey Orgler 3 September 05, 2008
A category on certain porn websites that displays pictures and/or videos of midgets in action, usually with a normal size person.
-Hey David, did you watch some of that hot Midget Porn I told you about?
-No, I watched Game of Thrones instead.
#midget #dwarf #willhelm #stark #canadian
by y0Sambo April 12, 2014
when someone finds out something they're not suppose to.
me and bryan found some midget porn on liza's computer.
by liza liza liza May 29, 2005
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