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Pure shit. I'm going into 7th grade this year and couldn't go through one fucking year without having some 5-10 rumours about me spreading around. But enough about me.

In middle school (grades 6-8, sometimes 5-8 or 7-8), you are segregated into several groups by a bunch of shitholes that think they're better than you. The lunch food is crappy and overpriced and you have to struggle to keep your grades up, or else you fail.

6th graders act proud of themselves, but they're all dying inside. Well, after they read these definitions.

7th graders (except myself) act like they're the shit. The push 6th graders around as if they had never been that young.

8th graders are total dumbshits. They forgot everything they learned in middle school, which wasn't even much to start with.

There are 3 types of teachers:

The clever, funny ones who like to joke around with you. These teachers are disrespected because everyone is too stupid to understand their jokes.

The fun loving teachers who play games with the class and couldn't give two shits about your grades. Loved by all.

The crappy, boring, strict teacher that gives away more homework than necessary. Hated by all.

If you manage to get good, faithful friends like I did, stick with them. You'll be happy you did.
Julie: Hey, did you hear what Stephanie said about you?
Amy: No, what?
Julie: She thinks you're emo 'cuz you cut and dyed your hair.
Amy: Screw what she thinks! (promptly finds and beats Stephanie for being a dumbass) (sigh) I hate middle school!
by Amy Renée July 05, 2009
the living hell that people ages 11-14 go through. the cliques are all gay. if you don't like whatever the mainstream station plays, you're weird. one small screwup will fuck you up for the rest of the year. gym is a class where the jocks get a chance to beat on everyone else and call it dodgeball. if you want to be different you'll be a loser or a nerd. if you try to be a prep, you're a poser or a loser or nerd. all the girls watch mtv and talk about it like its the shit. you get cut down on every accident you make. it sucks. try to pass the first time around. take up a sport or play an instrument, it'll help you take your mind off all the shit. drama happens all the time. girls are sluts, guys are dicks and pervs. most days you'll want to cry when you get home. it sucks.
kid in 5th grade: sweet, middle school.
kid in seventh grade: middle school sucks.

prep girl one: did you guys see the hills last night?
prep girl two: omg yes! i love that show!

normal person: fags.
by rhcpforlive June 22, 2009
The hardest 3 years of a childs life.Round up by mostly fake people who pretend to be your friend for the whole year but wind up stabbing you in the back within the last 3 months.Middle school is the time were girls turn into little sluts and go around looking for the biggest dick to suck.Same goes for little wanna-be gansta boys who will try to get in any girls pants with the biggest butt,but wind up failing.Middle school is a wasted 3 years of a kids life,since it is only an advanced version of everything you learned in elementary school.Middle school is full of teachers that think they know everything,but in reality,they only know so much.In middle school,there is no way of escaping drama,since it lurks in every corner.Overall,middle school is the gates of hell for any kid entering there pre-teens.Just keep to yourself,stay away from the popular kids,and find a group of friends you can actually stick to.

6th grade: Not too bad,its quite easy to make friends,since no one really doesnt know anyone.

7th grade: Now there are cliques,popular kids,nerds and just regular people....it only gets harder from here.

8th grade: The year were you find out who your true friends are.The year were you find out whose real and whose fake.The emotionial ending to your young teenage life.
Im in middle school and theres drama every single day.6th and 7th were fun,but now it aint no joke.
by !.jayjay.! May 02, 2009
A shithole where dreams are ripped away and hopes are shattered. Everyday is hell, and you're more likely to become "Emo" or some strange variation of the term. Middle school is the non-conformists paradise because everyone is trying to be different from evryone else. Also, you're likely to get gang raped or have the shit beaten out of you. You also have your self esteem beat to shit for being overweight or smarter than everyone else.
"Fuck man, Middle School sucked for me." says Bobby
"Shut the fuck up you dumb cunt. Middle school fucking sucked for everyone." says Timmy
by Savanna Banana June 24, 2009
It's the worst 3 years of your LIFE. Middle school is just a depressing, lonely, painful place. Your either one of the cool kids that have fake personality, one of the "losers" that are the kids that are still sane. It's pretty much hell. You come in a happy elementary graduate and leave either a depress hopeless 14 year old/or w/e age with low self-esteem, a poser, a idiot, or insane.Oh and it gets worse, all the girls are sluts and all the boys are perverts. And to top it off its when you reach puberty.It's HELL!!!!!!!
Bob: What wrong with Jim? he seems depress.

John: middle school.
by Steve guy person July 13, 2009
well middle school or jr. high is good some days and bad other days. boys will finally like girls and girls will like boys. and boys will think they are hot stuff and they tell the girls crap like i had my first boner today hoping they will get in bed with them. middle school is also the time of puberty it sucks balls. o yea bboys want the girls to give them blowjobs all the time. yea and u always get pimples and wish u were dead. and u cant wait till highschool. and they have really crappy teachers. but overall the school work part isnt that hard
middle school is ok..........except preppy people are annoying
by nathanlover April 05, 2006
6th, 7th, and 8th grade. A low point in childhood. Guys are shorter than Girls, everyone looks and acts awkward.
6th graders: prepare for the worst 3 years of your life. Get used to cliques, drama, backstabbing, and total awkwardness.
7th graders: Sucks for you and your big ass pile of homework.
8th graders: Your the oldest, great! You really think you're the shit, don't you? You're not.
Populars: Make you feel like shit. They are prettier, richer, and skinnier than you. Travel in packs with their expensive phones and will take "adorable" photos of themselves laughing with their guy-friends in their tight jeans, UGGs, or booty shorts. Photos will later be posted on Facebook and aquire 50 likes from wannabes.
Jocks: Are the male counterpart of populars. Usually excel in baseball, basketball, and football. Tend to bully nerds. Also group up with the skateboarders and are usually in chorus. Always cocky.
Nerds: Will eat together. Some are borderline punks and goths who wear bright green skinny jeans and don't brush their teeth. Get A's, though.
Wannabes: Possibly the most annoying of the groups. Do things for "crazy hair day" in hopes of looking cute/getting attention. Girls actually dress in yoga pants on "National Yoga Pants" day and mimic whatever the populars do.
Normal People:
As long as you have real friends and steer clear of annoying people you may make it out unscathed. Nevermind, take it back. Nobody leaves Middle School unscathed.
8th Grader: "Hey, look at all those stupid sixth graders! Sucks for them, huh? We're so cool and mature because we're on top!"

7th Grader: "The eighth graders think their so cool now that their on top, and the sixth graders think their so cool their in middle school. Where do we fit in?"

6th Grader: "We deserve the best treatment because we're younger and smaller! At least we're no in elementary school anymore, though! We're so much older now!"

Teacher: "Stupid shits."
by summercamp! August 24, 2011