A place you go where you pretty much lose your childish innocence (although these days most kids have already lost it) and will want to conform to be like everybody else (especially the so-called "in" crowd who will stay the "in" crowd throughout high school and merge with the "in" crowd from the other middle school). Work-wise it's no big-deal; social-wise it's a VERY different story. In middle school the food sucks and everyone suddenly thinks they're so fucking hot or grown-up or whatever and may even want to experiment with drugs and sex (depending on your location). Middle school is the place where you thought you were going to magically become prettier/hotter/cooler/funnier but realize you suffer through it with pimples, mood swings, the works. Unless you were born as one of the "in" crowd kids. Then life is yours.

You thought middle school was going to be so awesome because you get lockers and six different periods (or however many your school has) and not have to eat lunch with your designated class. You still have stupid dress codes though and the lockers are tiny and sometimes ants crawl into them on hot days anyways.

It's also the place where stupid drama starts and everyone has boyfriends/girlfriends lasting from anytime between one day and two weeks. And they call it a "relationship." Smh.
God, how I hated middle school; everyone thought they were the shit back then!

Middle school: because we apparently need something between six years of elementary and another four years of hell - I mean high school.
by mister def July 26, 2014
(Noun) Hell. Usually lasts 2 to 3 years. Initiates usually at 11 or 12, symptoms include body hair, cracking of the voice, the strong desire to f*ck the blonde 2 lockers down from you, mean-@$$ teachers, social class separation, etc. usually ends at 14-15, with signs such as major forehead injuries, increased stress, acne, and the feeling of "oh my gosh get me out of here I can't take it any more!"
Steven: Aww man, I've known Susie for 6 years and now she won't talk to me any more!
Todd: (in incredibly squeaky voice) yeah dude, middle school blows.
by Dukmeisterindahowse March 08, 2014
See prison
Ugh, I don't wanna go to middle school. It's just a fucking government ran daycare for teens!
by tydhydetagrv August 17, 2009
Here's what middle school is like in 2015:

The teachers:

1) The fun teacher that everyone likes. Their class is usually the highlight of the day, because they don't take things too seriously.

2) The "meh" teacher that is pretty much neutral in terms of personality.

3) The teacher that acts like a complete douchebag. Gives out an obnoxious amount of homework.

The cliques:

Jocks- Worst clique in school. They carry around the newest iPhone, showing off their wealth even though iPhones are horrible in reality. They listen to top 40 music, no matter how bad it is. They post stupid fucking pictures of themselves on instagram.

Otakus- This group watches anime, reads manga, and is obsessed with Japanese culture. They are surprisingly large in size, and they're either really nice or dicks, no in between. They can be boys or girls.

Ghettos- Kids who smoke weed, act stupid, get into fights and generally do not care about school. They're very loud, which angers teachers, but they just don't give a shit. Usually boys, but they can be girls.

Nerds/gamers- Kids who are tech smart and play league of legends, Pokemon (Yes, it's still a thing) and other games all day when not at school. They can fit into the Otaku group, but don't have to.

Normal kids- Exactly what it sounds like. Kids who don't fit into any category because they're either too busy getting A's or would rather not be classified. Usually they are not very popular, having only a small group of friends or none at all.
Ben: "dude im a beast ive got a swag lol suck a dick fagget."
Jeff: "Middle school is stupid. When will I get out of here?
Gary: "Fuck you Mrs. Evans, school is for gay homosexuals."
6th grader: "These will be the best years of my life, just like principal Douchebag said!"
by Jared49 July 13, 2015
One of the many, many things that proves that if there is a god he's an asshole, The place where sweet innocent children turns into demons and other disturbing creatures
*John Before Middle School*
John: Mom can I have some money so buy some candy I'll do extra chores for an entire month!

*John After Middle School*
John: Yo Mom! give me some money so I can take my slutty girlfriend to the movies!
by Tripleh May 29, 2013
A hell hole designed to scare young children into the reality that life is. It is a screwed up place. If you are going into middle school i pray for you, the place is scary.
Johnny: Im so excited for Middle School!
Teacher: Haha have fun!
Comes back after first day*
Johnny: Goodbye cruel world
by Urban douchebag April 23, 2015
Where you start smoking weed while listening to Ice Cube before you become a emo stoner in High School listening to Elvis Depressed ly
Happens to everyone in Middle School

by 420yolosimbabwateensuicide December 03, 2014

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