One of the many, many things that proves that if there is a god he's an asshole, The place where sweet innocent children turns into demons and other disturbing creatures
*John Before Middle School*
John: Mom can I have some money so buy some candy I'll do extra chores for an entire month!

*John After Middle School*
John: Yo Mom! give me some money so I can take my slutty girlfriend to the movies!
by Tripleh May 29, 2013
Where you start smoking weed while listening to Ice Cube before you become a emo stoner in High School listening to Elvis Depressed ly
Happens to everyone in Middle School

by 420yolosimbabwateensuicide December 03, 2014
Sometimes middle school consists of only 7th and 8th grade, but thats stupid because two years for one school is kind of short. Sixth, seventh and eighth grade is better.
Brother: Did u kno that 6th grade is elementary level, not middle school-level?
Me *huffily*: in YOUR opinion.
by Elizabeth Bennett March 25, 2006
Middle school isn't as bad as all the other definitions posted. In fact, I had a wonderful time in middle school. It's generally from grades 6-8 or 7-8, but there are some other variations on that. Most of the students are going through puberty at this time, which may make them feel uncomfortable. You get to meet a lot of new friends and take some good classes, though you'll end up discarding a lot of the information you learn.
"I went to ***** Intermediate in Sunnyvale, CA."
"That kid's kinda short, but he has a little bit of facial hair. He must be in middle school."
"Meiosis? Mitosis? When will we need this in real life?"
Answer: Middle school.
by gorga12porga13morga14 August 13, 2010
for most people its the shittiest part of your life but for normal people who actually have friends its the same thing as elemtary school.... but with puberty.... and making out.... and handjobs.......
me: dude you need to get a girlfriend trust me its great

friend: NO im going to wait until im 16 so i can actually do stuff with her

me: why wait?

friend: cuz my mom wont let me date till then

me: your moms a fucking douchebag

friend: i know.. are you gonna meet me at lunch?

me: nah im gonna meet my girlfriend behind the dumpsters

friend: um what do you do for a whole 30 minutes...


me: ....... you dont want to know...

friend: dude were in a middle school... how did you get a fucking hooker to come down here?

me: haha shut up
by some 13 year old August 22, 2009
Most people are definiting "middle school" as a horrible place where you become emo. Well, that's a possibility, but middle school is easily the best few years of someone's life. You're too mature for the High School Musical obessors of elementary school but still too kiddie to lose your virigity. Well, for some people anyways. It's a transitioning time in our lives...let's face it, middle school is where you take your first puff of weed or your first relationship. It's a time to not be forgotten.
Middle school was some of the best years of my life.
by Nicxolelovesyou December 06, 2007
school for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders go. all the other entries are just written by emos and cutters who haveno friends and hate life, so they take out their emotions by saying how middle school sucks on the internet, how sad. Middle school can actually be fun, so if your emo, go cut yourself some more.
In seventh grade, i went to middle school
by I'm in love with a stripper February 25, 2007

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