A place where precious childhood years are wasted.

*Quickly after someone start middle school, they realize that a few people that knew knew last year turn into jerks and douchebags. Sometimes they may even be friends of theirs.
*some kids get popular by putting others down and making themselves feel and look better
*about 80% of the guys are skaters and 90% of the skaters are just posers.
*half of the girls will try to dress loose and slutty
*Douchebags and popular kids wear Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, etc. so much that you immediatly suck if you don't wear one of those brands
*Kids talk about others behind their back
*Lots of kids follow the popular kids when half of the popular kids make others feel like shit.
*Porn addicts will make fun of you for watching porn
*People think everything is gay even when its not
*People brag about their possesion.

*Tattle tales patrol the campus
*Students get labled
*Some kids are immature and still think girls are gross and critisize girls when near you making you look like one of them
*Lunch is a ripoff
*Test scores get easily messed up
*The teachers have favorites
*You get in trouble for bullshit
*When a kid has a tiny problem, he/she won't just suck it up but will try to make it worse
*Hot girls all crowd around this one guy and like him because he has one quality or their friends like him. Then they immediatly hate you if you try to talk to them

And the list goes on and on but you get it
Example 1:
Collin: Oh, hey Johnathan
Johnathan: Screw you! I don't like you anymore
Collin: Why? I thought we were friends!
Johnathan: We were never friends, now go watch your porno videos! Go to hell also!
Other randumb people: *Follow Johnathan because they think he's cool for putting someone down*
Collin: Damn middle school really sucks.

Example 2:
Disguise douchebag: Hey Alex, lets go do something fun
Alex and Disguise douchebag:*do some fun crap*
Disguise douchebag: Hey other friends! Alex is such a dumbass! he got 70% on a report card and thinks thats bad
by idonnowhoiam November 02, 2012
A word/phrase that refers to junior high but actually means bad or stressful.
Jake: "Ugh, Jenna is so middle school."
Ashley: "How is that?"
Jake: "She was just dramatic."
by Speeled It Rongs? October 14, 2010
The 3 worst years of your life.
5th grader: I'm going into middle school! :D

Freshman: lol.
by xdarkvEnom November 16, 2013
Is a horrible place where you won't learn anything useful in life, nothing like leaning how to balance finance or disinfect injury. No you learn how mongoose reproduce.

There are also several groups of people.

Preps: total posers and usually rich sluts who whine about not having the latest cell phone

Jocks: immature assholes who liek to stair at girls boobs and slap each other on the ass

Emos/goths: usually posers as well who only act like they're in emotional pain for attention even through they have food, a roof over their head and a loving family.

Real emos: do them a favor and be their friend. They're really in pain...
The toon platoon:. We're all normal and vary in personality, yet we have points of common ground, we accept lots of people in our groups and will have no problem helping you fix your whiny first world problems, because we're going to have to solve them anyway later when we're running the world and everyone else is a homeless drug using prostitute. we don't go shoving our egos down people's throats and often we are the only ones who do good in class, though we find everything useless. We generally consist of retro gamers, doctor who fans, martial artists, real nerds, true Internet users not facebook whores. Calm and polite. ECT.

Nerds: not the video game kind, the math geeks. They aren't even really smart any more. They just act like it.

They say you have more freedom in middle school. Honestly that's some bullshit. If being able to walk the halls without a teacher breathing down your neck is freedom, then we seriously need to rethink the definition of that word.
Lunch food also sucks thanks to government requirements that are supposed to cut down childhood obesity but really only make us eat more when we get home.

The principles are also weird and don't do shit for us. You can walk in the halls bleeding to death and they'll ask you how your day is going, when you request an ambulance they will tell you to have a nice day. Don't get me started on vice-principles.

Also everyone is going through puberty.

In other words. Good fucking luck you brave bastards.
Middle school.
by A. person May 11, 2013
An infamous poison that is known to mortally wound the innocence of any elementary schooler exposed to it over a period of 2-4 years. It became tragically popular throughout the western world during the 20th century, and now many of its victims can be observed, while others lie in the grave after their middle-school induced suicide.

Ingredients in this heinous concoction include: hormones, stress, tests, social awkwardness, bullies, questionably edible food, questionably sane practices, and distant teachers.

To prepare a dose of middle school, mix these ingredients to 300 degrees Fahrenheit in your local district until it takes the form of a large, dull-brick building.
There goes Rick. Poor child. Someone poisoned him with middle school, its like his happiness has rotted away.
by Lord Passion March 03, 2013
A place where you develop your "Fuck the World" mentality. It's also the place where a couple of kids don't come out of because they either A. Were to dumb to pass or B. Killed themselves thanks to the douche holes who occupy the hallways.
5th Grader: Is middle school fun?
Me: Lets just say that's the place where I stopped giving a shit.
by Communist Chicken May 24, 2012
The School after elementary school but before highschool.
Middle school is usually a large building that holds kids from fifth grade to seventh grade this is where people begin to get into cliques such as

Also where you get more than one class per day and a locker that you feel is the sign of your individuality but instead find out you are squished next to 2 other people you only have about 12 in. of space and usually end up standing a full arms distance away and reaching over 2 kids to get your stuff. Classes usually have really old teachers or really young teachers homework is now a huge task to complete consisting of 2 or more pages of word problems. The teachers only care about the state regulated exam and don't care to teach you anything not on the exam.
Also where at lunch you decide your table and if you are caught at any table besides your own you get made fun of. Middle school is also where people kids begin to like the opposite sex and get their first girlfriends it then becomes customary to sit with your date at lunch.
Your friends will make fun of you to try to gain new friends or move up in the social chain the ones that don't make fun of you are usually the ones you will be friends with for the rest of middle school.
Other things that happen in middle school are
Drug use
and a higher level of stress that is only topped in highschool.
Middle school is hell i can only imagine what highschool will be like

School is the prison where all your dreams go to die
by Frost AG November 05, 2012
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