Middle School (n.) MID del SKOOL
1.) The place where your self-esteem will turn to shit. You will sink into a depression and feel more alone than you have ever felt in your life. Drama awaits around every corner. People hook up, do drugs, make out, cut, drink alchohol, and a number of other stupid things, so they can look back and feel “mature”.

2.) The place where you will find yourself backtracking on every promise you have ever made yourself in elementary school. "Be yourself?" "Be unique?" "Don't care about popularity!" Ha! Good luck, kid. It'll be harder than it looks when you're trapped in a cement block full of 400 hormonal preteens.

3.) Junior High Facebook consists of a.) posting "cute" pictures of yourself online, b.) constantly rubbing in the fact that you are Having More Fun than everyone else, and c.) constantly rubbing in the fact that you are "sooooo close" withh all of your "BFFS... or should I say, Sistaas!"

4.) The place that kids are extremely excited to go to at first-- lockers, new teachers, feeling like adults. Soon the novelty will wear off and you will see it for what it really is... a shark tank. With very bitchy sharks.

6.) If you are not popular, you will hang out on the sidelines making cynical remarks, while secretly feeling like crap and wishing you ARE popular. If you ARE popular, you are constantly fake-smiling and pretending you are perfect, while secretly STILL feeling like crap.
Middle school is hell. I can't WAIT to get out of here.
by ihatemiddleschool July 30, 2011
Middle School is hell. The popular crowd overflows and makes you feel like crap. They always talk about how they always go to the mall together and hang out with each other, but you probably have no friends so you feel horrible. The friends you had in elementary school betray you and you are left alone. Guidance councelars will tell you how your sadness will go away and you'll make friends, but EVERYONE including the teachers and kids lie. The girls become evil and the boys become disgusting future rapists.
popular kid: Me and my bf went 2 the movies last night, then i had a sleepover w/ my bffl and then we had a beach party. then i went 2 the mall and bought makeup. how was your weekend?

average kid: i watched tv.

Popular kid: loser (spreads nasty rumor)

average kid: i hate middle school
by ethelmerman April 10, 2011
The shittiest 3 years of your school career. All of the teachers are assholes and give you a shitload of homework everynight. You also have to do a bunch of long shitty projects that nobody cares about. The principals there are also assholes and hand out saturday detentions like they're candy for doing harmless stuff like chewing gum and throwing paper in class. The rules there were also so much stricter than in highschool. Pda was not allowed, No chewing gum in class, No sodas at all during lunch time, and we had to walk in a single file line to lunch and pe like we were 5. And the kids there are so fucking annoying. Almost everyone is a poser and acts like someone there not. There's also a bunch of groups that follow around one kid in their group and praise him like he's god. Kids there are so judgemental to you get ridiculed for everything you do or wear. I'm a guy and I wore flip flops one day and I swear 30 people had to point it out and make a big deal about. Not to mention everyone is so horny and most relationships are based on looks and how good a kisser the person is.
Freshman 1: Is it just me or did the last 3 years of our life suck major dick

Freshman 2: No it's not just you middle school sucks dick for everyone.
by Thisguykicksass January 13, 2012
a jail made specifically for people between the ages of 11-14 so that they may be socially categorized and made fun of accordingly.
1.) Middle School sucked ass...
2.) Hey, welcome to Middle School. We will now exploit your differences and use them against you.
by Becka L S April 23, 2011
A place that your elementary teachers tell you will be SO cool. Then you get there and all it is is a bunch of girls destroying each other's self confidence and a bunch of boys getting in fights over stupid shit. Usually is kids from 6th-8th grade. Most people call it the worst school period. I would have to agree. Between middle and highschool, you can either have the best time of your life, or the worst. It all depends mainly on how you look, which is horrible, but the truth. Everyone believes in stereotypes in middle school. It's mainly a big group of kids judging each other. No one cares if you're mean or a whore as long as you're a pretty person. This is the point when everyone starts to worry about what people think of them. Girls are supposed to wear the right amount of makeup, keep their hair perfect, wear the right clothes, etc. Boys are supposed be tough, have abs, be attractive, etc. It's all just a bunch of bull shit and kids are cruel. It will most likely be much MUCH worse than any other time in your school years.
Middle school was the worst time of my life.
by Ham!!! February 17, 2011
A school for 7th to 8th or 6th to 8th grade, around adolescence. Most kids in middle school find themselves stuck in a new society of subculture and new responsibilities. Kids in middle school are usually naturally hungry to find who they're gonna grow up to be.
Since middle school, Hannah has worked her way into becoming an "emo".
by SpinachPizza April 03, 2010
1. The place where all males turn in doucebags with white earbuds embedded in his ear. For fun they mock anyone not into sports, Call of Duty or any popular rapper. Ofthen plays the guitar because it looks cool, without learning the frets or tuning. Yes they jump right for guitar without thinking about trying piano, bass, saxophone, etc.(oh and they never use acostic ones) books are "retarded and gay" and manga and anime are for weirdos.

2. They place where all females have a walk-in closet full of arecrombie and fitch, hollister american eagle and aeropostle. Thanks to daddys credit card, they have a 5000 dollar warbdrobe. They will give head to anyone who plays football. They enjoy rap and pop and think rock is "for old people" and metal is for "emos drug addicts and dumb people" when they themselves cheat on tests. Use terms such as 'lol' 'bffl' and 'ttyl' all have favebook pages.
1.Me:Hi, i like playing the Legend of Zelda instead of Call of Duty, i'm not too into watching espn for four hours a day, i like to play the bass instead of the guitar, i enjoy reading manga and anime and my music of choice is bands such as AC/DC, the Beatles, and Gorillaz.
Middle school male:dude ur a queer.

2.Wahhhhh!. I failed 7th grade, dad i want 40 dollars so i can buy 2 inch jeans from arecrombie while i listen to avril lavienge
by Xelloss23 August 26, 2011

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