Brief definition - Hell.
Long definition - A place where you get piles of homework every night and get detentions for not turning one thing in or doing something completely harmless.

The teachers either love you or hate you. There is nothing in between.

The cheerleaders are either the most popular because of their weight or style, or even outcasts because they can't do any other sport.

The girls are backstabbers and the boys are pervs.

where people call each other the most childish names you can think of. "Crybaby", "Loser", and they call almost everything and everyone gay or faggots, even if your not, or even if you are a girl.

It's all about labels. Roll your eyes once and they'll label you as being a priss. Say one thing wrong in class and they'll label you a retard.

They say 'That's what she said!' about so much stuff that sometimes it doesn't even make sense - they just say it to say it.

People make up lies about the other, making you a laughing stock when you didn't do or say anything of the sort.

You wanna go there so badly in 5th grade, and by the time your in 8th, you wanna shoot yourself.
middle school Girl: "So just do it!"
middle school Boy: "THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID."

middle school kid: "You like Johnny!"
middle school girl: "What the Heck?!?! No I don't! I hate him."
middle school kid: "HAHA yeah you do your face is all red."
middle school girl: "IT'S 100 FREAKIN DREGREES OUT."
middle school kid: "haha, whatever, loser."

Cheerleader: GO TEAM!
Middle Schooler: What a freak. you only joined cheerleading cuz you suck at everything else.
Cheerleader: Nawt tah-rue!
Middle Schooler: 'nawt?' 'tah-rue'? Your GAY.
Cheerleader: I'm a girl!
by middle_SKOOL_'lOsEr' December 22, 2009
Worst 2/3/4 years of one's life.Almost all the 7th graders have already lost their virginity,and the ones who didn't are being made fun of.It's a huge hellhole where all your friends leave you for the popular kids,and you find yourself standing alone in a corner with chewing gum in your hair.
A typical 7th/8th grade middle school girl has already had at least 4 boyfriends,whom she claimed to be in love with.They all think they are mature and that they know everything about love and life.Boy,they are so wrong.The popular girls deal with ridiculous drama everyday.They always get into fights over boys.They kill you if they see you wearing the same skirt they wore two days ago,even though all of them wear the exact same style of clothing.Speaking of clothing,a middle school girl is often seen wearing VERY short skirts,slutty tops,stuffed bras and high heels.
2)The BOYS
From the innocent little boys who used to play with cars and dinosaurs,they now play with girls' boobs,smack girls on the ass,smoke crack,dress all 'gangsta' and 3/4 of their vocabulary consists of the terms 'a**,f***,sh**,n*gga'
Ooh,the teachers.In seventh grade,when puberty hits hard and all the drama begins,and so you don't have any more time to study,they get really mad at you for not getting the same results you got in 5th and 6th grade.
Elementary school kid:Yay!I'm going to middle school next year!I can't wait!I'll be all grown up and stuff!
Middle schooler:Riiiiiight.Try and tell me the same thing when you'll be my age
High schooler:Wait 'till you get to high school.
by Ayaan March 17, 2011
A school for those who are beginning adolescence. Due to the fact that some are prepubescent, and some are WAY past that point, and the fact that hormones are going coo-coo this is an extremely awkward time in a person's life.
Middle School Boy: Hey! Whats up?
Middle School Girl: Not much, just middle school.
Middle School Girl: Just middle school.
The middle school boy feels awkward. He's erect. One girl has huge breasts, and the other is totally flat. Even so, he wants to fuck them both. He checks to see if his boner is visible, but it's only 2 inches, so it's obviously not.
by MSkid March 27, 2010
the fucking hell hole that makes everyone go suicidal crazy bitch on you. the teachers say its the best time of your life when really you will realize that the best time of your life is when you're 21 and can hang with all the legal boozers you call your friends.
all through middle school everyone cut and there was some major bitch fights going on.
by Mimi needs a roger February 15, 2010
If you are in or have ever been in middle school you would know its the deepest pit in hell.First, everyone is confused about themselfs because they are going through puberty,which means all the boys think about is having sex and all the girls think about is getting rid of zits and extra weight. Second,the teachers treat you like shit because they are miserable because, well their middle school teachers.Last, the rules are usally confuseing because they want you to be more of an "adult" but, with out the cussing,clothes, or basically freedom.So,yea, welcome to HELL!
i go to middle school, i hate my life.
by you_dont_need_to_know_my_name. January 05, 2010
a place where:

the youngest grade thinks they're so cool because they just got out of elementary school.
the middle grade hates everyone and really just doesn't care at all.
the oldest grade also hates every other grade and they act superior to everyone else. and scares everyone with how tall they are.

the one where i live is grades 5, 6 and 7 but a lot of them are 6, 7 and 8.
middle school:
kid in youngest grade: lyk omggzzz i am sooo kewl! 3 months ago i was an elementerrey skewl kidd but now im soooo awesomez.

kid in middle grade: what? oh just shut up.

kid in oldest grade: look! im tall! MUAHAHAHAHA
by look its a person! November 28, 2009
The stupidest and most retarded place imaginable. Most of the kids are complete assholes, and are trying to look cool or be gangster, emo, goth, popular or a combination of the four. Most of the teachers suck, and are boring, mean, scary or annoying. Once in a blue moon will you get a good teacher. Fuck middle school. High school FTW.
I really want to blow up my old middle school.
by someone4763 September 14, 2011

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