A place where precious childhood years are wasted.

*Quickly after someone start middle school, they realize that a few people that knew knew last year turn into jerks and douchebags. Sometimes they may even be friends of theirs.
*some kids get popular by putting others down and making themselves feel and look better
*about 80% of the guys are skaters and 90% of the skaters are just posers.
*half of the girls will try to dress loose and slutty
*Douchebags and popular kids wear Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, etc. so much that you immediatly suck if you don't wear one of those brands
*Kids talk about others behind their back
*Lots of kids follow the popular kids when half of the popular kids make others feel like shit.
*Porn addicts will make fun of you for watching porn
*People think everything is gay even when its not
*People brag about their possesion.

*Tattle tales patrol the campus
*Students get labled
*Some kids are immature and still think girls are gross and critisize girls when near you making you look like one of them
*Lunch is a ripoff
*Test scores get easily messed up
*The teachers have favorites
*You get in trouble for bullshit
*When a kid has a tiny problem, he/she won't just suck it up but will try to make it worse
*Hot girls all crowd around this one guy and like him because he has one quality or their friends like him. Then they immediatly hate you if you try to talk to them

And the list goes on and on but you get it
Example 1:
Collin: Oh, hey Johnathan
Johnathan: Screw you! I don't like you anymore
Collin: Why? I thought we were friends!
Johnathan: We were never friends, now go watch your porno videos! Go to hell also!
Other randumb people: *Follow Johnathan because they think he's cool for putting someone down*
Collin: Damn middle school really sucks.

Example 2:
Disguise douchebag: Hey Alex, lets go do something fun
Alex and Disguise douchebag:*do some fun crap*
Disguise douchebag: Hey other friends! Alex is such a dumbass! he got 70% on a report card and thinks thats bad
by idonnowhoiam November 02, 2012
hey dis iz where u meet ur doom to face hell
i hate middle school currently its like a day in hell every day
by H8TER13 May 13, 2009
A place you go where you pretty much lose your childish innocence (although these days most kids have already lost it) and will want to conform to be like everybody else (especially the so-called "in" crowd who will stay the "in" crowd throughout high school and merge with the "in" crowd from the other middle school). Work-wise it's no big-deal; social-wise it's a VERY different story. In middle school the food sucks and everyone suddenly thinks they're so fucking hot or grown-up or whatever and may even want to experiment with drugs and sex (depending on your location). Middle school is the place where you thought you were going to magically become prettier/hotter/cooler/funnier but realize you suffer through it with pimples, mood swings, the works. Unless you were born as one of the "in" crowd kids. Then life is yours.

You thought middle school was going to be so awesome because you get lockers and six different periods (or however many your school has) and not have to eat lunch with your designated class. You still have stupid dress codes though and the lockers are tiny and sometimes ants crawl into them on hot days anyways.

It's also the place where stupid drama starts and everyone has boyfriends/girlfriends lasting from anytime between one day and two weeks. And they call it a "relationship." Smh.
God, how I hated middle school; everyone thought they were the shit back then!

Middle school: because we apparently need something between six years of elementary and another four years of hell - I mean high school.
by mister def July 26, 2014
(noun) the gate to hell; the entrance to the pit of dispair. Not to be confused with high school - the actual hell and pit of despair.
Teacher: Middle school is a time for maturity and growing up.

Student2: Omg like I'm so depressed, I cut. Nice scars
Student3: Baka anime Baka ^_^
Student4: Dear god, I hate my age group
Student5: *making out with student6*
Student6: *making out with student5*
Student7: we need 2 brake up Im srry btw do u have Ms Gs hw
Student8: y=mx+b, b=1/3h / 3h-4
Student 9: I didn't study for the test but I still got an A
Student10: I studied for the test but I still got a F
by UglyMcUglyface June 19, 2016
Middle School. Let's start with the 8th graders. They think they're the shit every year and mainly think they "rule the school" because they are the highest up. They are made up of the kids trying to either "fit in" , be goth, be the shit, smell like shit, be "popular" or try to act as sporty on purpose. Don't get me started on the ass hats who wear the same color head to toe, wear shorts all year round because it's "cool", or wear the same shirt, shoes, socks, and pants every day and constantly say fight me or claim they can beat you in any sport ever. Get a hold of yourself. 7th graders, they can be a hit or miss. You got your typical know it alls, kids who ACTUALLY can play sports, and the burnouts. Not really much different from many other seventh graders, not much to say here. Now the worst of all, 6th graders. They think they're the shit-worse than the 8th graders- and every word out of their mouth is a curse word because they think it'll make them more liked. All of them know more about sex than most 30 year olds. Tiny parasites. While they know about sex they've most likely had it too. God I hate sixth graders. Its basically like knowing a seventh grader, it's..... Interesting I guess.
Hey man, how was Middle School when you were younger?

It was......something?
by Noneofyourbuissness August 03, 2016
The crappiest place ever. The popular kids think they're better than everyone, and the popular guys tell you to shut up if you start to say anything that sounds like an insult to them, while they can say whatever they want to you. The popular girls are all whores who drink Starbucks and act like 16 year olds. That covers the popular kids, but there are other groups too.
Nerds: Smart kids that usually have glasses and are physically weak.
Bros: Usually popular kids, they are jerks who are obsessed with shoes.
Gossip girls: Usually popular, they bring Starbucks every day and talk about pointless crap.
Tough posers: Act like they're tough
Bullies: Bullies
Teacher's pet: Usually a girl, they are total suck-ups to the so-called teachers
Normal people: One of the largest groups, they usually won't fall into a category until high school.
There are more, too
The food is made of styrofoam and rubber, the teachers give you truckloads of work and information you will never need.
You social life will suck. Everyone will be "dating" which just means hanging out for all groups except the popular kids, who make out and stuff. Prepare for 2-4 years (it depends) of dealing with jerks, boatloads of work, and either being rejected when asking a girl out or being accepted and the reationship lasting 3 days. All in all, middle school is torture.
Middle school sucks. Like really badly.
by Red38 Vex December 07, 2015
Where your hopes and dreams go to die.

Most of these are 3 years (6th-8th grade), but some are 2 years (usually 7th-8th) and others are 4 years (5th-8th).
Before 7th Grade (at a 2 year middle school):
"Yay! Middle school! New friends abound!"

By mid-October of 8th grade (at 2 year school):
"I am useless. I am worthless. I have no future. The world is better without me. I have no skill. My "friends" go around and tell my secrets."

Middle school is where hopes and dreams go to die.
by thekingofamerica November 29, 2015
The result of stuffing 400 hormonal teens into a common area. Usually referred to as living hell.
Today I have to go to middle school where Lisa will probably have another period leak and I'll get verbally abused. Fun times.
by crazytrisgirl September 10, 2015
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