A hell hole filled with, obnoxious & bitchy people (usually girls), cliques, slutty girls, and horny guys. You sit in an uncomfortable plastic chair for 7 hours doing nothing but writing pointless shit in your notebook. Sometimes you might even fall asleep just listening to your teacher go on about something that you'll never need to know. You can't go through these 2, 3, or even 4 without being picked on about being the one with glasses. If you're different than the popular kids in any way, you'll be made fun of. The staff is filled with douchebags who don't give a fuck about you, the teachers teach you pointless BS that you've known since 3rd grade. Or shit that you will never use. They give you 15 pages of homework due the next day. So your basically up all night doing it, and you get about 1/2 an hour of sleep. You get detention for asking someone for a pencil when the teacher's talking. Your so called "friends" talk behind your back, the relationships don't last more than a week, and there is drama in every ounce of the school. The whole building it self looks like a school, but it's a actually a concentration camp for kids 11-14. Lastly, Middle School is a failed experiment to prepare kids for High School ran by the government. These are the worst years of your life, have fun!
Brittany (Before MS): Oh I'm so happy i'm going to middle school! I'll make so many new friends and i'm gonna be so popular!
Brittany (Middle of MS): GET ME OUT OF THIS HELL WHOLE!!
by I'm right behind you... November 01, 2009

Lump-headed Assholes
Guy 1- Hey, are you in middle school?

Guy 2- Nah, I'm at Eating-Shit School
by FML x 1,000 September 21, 2010
A large Building that is full of fake kids from the ages 12-14. Depending on the area (more wealthy/less wealthy) i happen to live in a more wealthy area and compared to what most other people wrote it is much different. instead of everyone that cuts them selves and is dapressed, it is a place where every girl is fake and wears abercrombie/hollister/juicy and puts a smile on there face when there around anyone or just in school, but really when they are alone they are crying and hate them selves, and cutt them selves, and are all balimic. Because most shirts from abercrombie/hollister/juicy are short sleeved/more revealing girls must cutt them selves not on the wrists but normally on the inner thighs or inner upper arms; basiclly places unseen even when naked. in 6th and 7th grade we all get up at 3/4 in the morning to straiten our hair and put on pounds of make up, by 8th grade we dont really give a shit any more and everyone has curly hair again, like they did in elementry school except not as frizzy because we syrup it down with billions of products. sometimes there are the very salect few that wear big sweatshirts everyday, but no one really talks to them. in 6th grade you try really hard in school work, in 7th you try harder in the begining, but begin to blow it off by the end of winter. then in 8th grade absolutely no one gives to fucks the entire year. mainly seventh grade is when drugs come in to place, and 8th grade is when sex comes into place, in 6th grade you kind of just listen to what happens to the people in 7th and 8th grade, there are also middle school dances which i perssonally never go to, but people who do ither make out the entire time, or talk about how much it sucks. uggs play a big role all 3 years of middle school life, and are a crucial thing to have more then one of. in high school no ones gives a shit and your more indapendant and hopefully stop caring about things like abercrombie/hollister/juicy/uggs or hair or makeup, and you just do your own thing. guys in middle school are perverts, jack off all the time, talk about porn, and girls they wanna do. so thats middle, well atleast my middle school in a nut shell. basiclly high school is hell and middle school something even worse then hell which is only middle school
average conversation in a middle school environment;
Katie: eww i hurd andrea started cutting her self
Cloe: eeewww wtf thats soo emo lets make sure no one talks to her
*they both actually cut them selves too*
by ktbusto May 27, 2009
1. 6th through 8th grade
2. A place where you're only popular if you shop at Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostle, American Eagle and other over-priced stores like that and you own at least one of those Vera Bradly bags. Everybody is in a clique and if you aren't popular you try to be "different" by being goth or emo, when you really are just trying to fit in and be cool within your own clique. Girls change boyfriends like they change their clothes and guys are horny idiots. Teacher bombard you with idiotic assignments then complain that its going to take all weekend to grade them. Everybody is obsessed with texting. People say they hate Twilight, but they have never read it or seen the movie. If you aren't into gossip, you might as well go and die because gossip is what keeps the school alive.
3. The worst part of your school life
Girl 1: OMG! Look at my new Vera Bradley bag! The pattern is extremely obnoxious! Isn't is sooo cooool?!?!?
Girl 2: Totes! I'm going to text Sally and tell her!

Girl 1: OMFG! Did you hear? Sally's going back out with Tommy!
Sane person: What's up?
Girls 1&2: You don't have a Vera Bradley bag! We can't be your friends anymore!
Sane person: Middle school is retarded...
by ShewolfLL January 11, 2010
1. Hell, basically. Your parents will tell you it's great, but it makes you feel like shit. For one thing, you're going through puberty and feel like shit. Another, everyone joins into cliques. If you're a girl, then if you don't have a chest or butt, you'll be made fun of. Relationships last for 2 weeks, basically after your first kiss you're done. The other girls will torment you, and basically bitch if you like the same bands as them or Heaven Forbid you wear the same clothes. Then all hell breaks loose, and your friends will ask you if the rumor that person spread is true or not. Yeah, that's a middle school girls life.

2. If you're a boy, then you've got it slightly easier. All the boys are so called 'Emos' or 'Skaters', and pervs. They will make a dirty joke after every sentence, and will grope girls nonstop. This is the years that they try to be class clowns, but fail, or they try to be 'badass' and fail.
Katie: Good Charlotte is totally my favorite band, lyke OMG Joel Madden is so hawt!
Terri: You poseur! Ugh, that is -so- totally my fave band! Bitch, now I have to spread a rumor!
Katie: OMG lyke I can't believe Terri would like spread that rumor, just after I broke up with my boyfriend of two weeks! Middle school like sucks!
Normal Person: You are so pathetic. It wasn't gonna last, anyway.

Sean: Yo, man. What's that Homework assignment we gotta do?
Kane: Yo, dude if Salina was my homework I'll do her every night.

Sean: Nah, man don't go there. You know she goes for Skaters, so I got a better chance.
Kane: No, but I'm emo. She sees these cuts she'll be like 'Whoa!'. I know I can make her see more then those cuts...
Sean and Kane: HAHA, Middle school sucks and rocks! We get a girlfriend, plus we're posers!
Sean: I'd ride her like a skateboard, dude...
Normal Person: Shut up, pervs! Keep that up and you'll never get a girl.
by DriedxTears April 30, 2009
1. a place where poor kids are made fun of everyday

2. where kids have stupid relationships that last for 2 weeks

3. where kids are forced to go for 7 hours of the day

4. prep for high school

5. where most of the kids days are spent texting and spelling you like u
kiddo: i hate school

Mom: but it teaches you good value

kiddo:sureeee (kiddo thinks : i freaking hate middle school)
by beautifulgirl:)_nobraging;) February 07, 2012
Going in-
Sound's fucked up, but how hard can two years be?
First week-
Next few months-
Yeah, yeah, I get it. I don't like Ke$ha. Who the fuck cares?
At the end of the first school year-
Going in again-
Last year was bad, but I can survive another year.
First week of 8th-
Next few months-
Get me the Hell out of here.
Going out-
I'M FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN FLY! I CAN JUMP ONTO A SKYSCRAPER! I CAN- oh, fuck, High School.
Middle School sucks if you don't fit in.
Middle School sucks if you fit in.
by Lucio Soph August 29, 2010
A place you go to get your heart broken, dreams crushed, and are surrounded by FAKES. Basically you'll want to commit suicide. FUN.

6th Grade- Your short and a nerd and all the other grades make fun of you because thats what happened to them.

7th Grade- Still nerdy, but you are starting to find yourself but tend to become MAJORLY deppressed during this time.

8th Grade- BEST YEAR. You're the oldest and even though you still have shit going on, you find out whos fake and who your real friends are and are actually happy.
Middle School made many of my friends cut themselves. How nice.
by tisismebitches July 13, 2009
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