A hell hole filled with, obnoxious & bitchy people (usually girls), cliques, slutty girls, and horny guys. You sit in an uncomfortable plastic chair for 7 hours doing nothing but writing pointless shit in your notebook. Sometimes you might even fall asleep just listening to your teacher go on about something that you'll never need to know. You can't go through these 2, 3, or even 4 without being picked on about being the one with glasses. If you're different than the popular kids in any way, you'll be made fun of. The staff is filled with douchebags who don't give a fuck about you, the teachers teach you pointless BS that you've known since 3rd grade. Or shit that you will never use. They give you 15 pages of homework due the next day. So your basically up all night doing it, and you get about 1/2 an hour of sleep. You get detention for asking someone for a pencil when the teacher's talking. Your so called "friends" talk behind your back, the relationships don't last more than a week, and there is drama in every ounce of the school. The whole building it self looks like a school, but it's a actually a concentration camp for kids 11-14. Lastly, Middle School is a failed experiment to prepare kids for High School ran by the government. These are the worst years of your life, have fun!
Brittany (Before MS): Oh I'm so happy i'm going to middle school! I'll make so many new friends and i'm gonna be so popular!
Brittany (Middle of MS): GET ME OUT OF THIS HELL WHOLE!!
by I'm right behind you... November 01, 2009
(Noun) Hell. Usually lasts 2 to 3 years. Initiates usually at 11 or 12, symptoms include body hair, cracking of the voice, the strong desire to f*ck the blonde 2 lockers down from you, mean-@$$ teachers, social class separation, etc. usually ends at 14-15, with signs such as major forehead injuries, increased stress, acne, and the feeling of "oh my gosh get me out of here I can't take it any more!"
Steven: Aww man, I've known Susie for 6 years and now she won't talk to me any more!
Todd: (in incredibly squeaky voice) yeah dude, middle school blows.
by Dukmeisterindahowse March 08, 2014
The deepest pit in the pits of hell that children between the ages of 11-14 are forced to visit for 7 hours/day 5 days/week. Home of acne, drama, periods, discrimination, drugs, labels, bullying, etc.
Man, middle school sucks!
by mbkt10903 December 13, 2013
•A place where pubescent children are trapped for 8 hours a day, five days a month, and 9 months at a time.
•Sexual and offensive jokes are exchanged daily. not to mention endless drama over the most pointless shit.
•Relationships last about a week on average and then the horny, attention seeking teenagers find a new prey
• it's just a pit of hell where you learn a lot of life lessons and it changes your perspective on the world.
Middle school is the equivalent to satan's asscrack
by Attackonsquareflakes April 15, 2015
A fucking prision
Hey you are in middle school? Good luck
by Weekeleeks April 04, 2015
Fifth graders are excited for it until they get to seventh. Homework is piled and so is the stress. And for think this is preparing you for high school. You decide to become one with it until it shreds you with rumors and hurt. And that is the start of depression as well.
"Ok get out of the car so you're not late second year of middle school!" :D
"Why do I have to go to this prison!" ;(
"Honey how do you expect to go to college? We all know that-" Car door slams shut. :3
by i ring of truths December 27, 2014
See prison
Ugh, I don't wanna go to middle school. It's just a fucking government ran daycare for teens!
by tydhydetagrv August 17, 2009
A place you go where you pretty much lose your childish innocence (although these days most kids have already lost it) and will want to conform to be like everybody else (especially the so-called "in" crowd who will stay the "in" crowd throughout high school and merge with the "in" crowd from the other middle school). Work-wise it's no big-deal; social-wise it's a VERY different story. In middle school the food sucks and everyone suddenly thinks they're so fucking hot or grown-up or whatever and may even want to experiment with drugs and sex (depending on your location). Middle school is the place where you thought you were going to magically become prettier/hotter/cooler/funnier but realize you suffer through it with pimples, mood swings, the works. Unless you were born as one of the "in" crowd kids. Then life is yours.

You thought middle school was going to be so awesome because you get lockers and six different periods (or however many your school has) and not have to eat lunch with your designated class. You still have stupid dress codes though and the lockers are tiny and sometimes ants crawl into them on hot days anyways.

It's also the place where stupid drama starts and everyone has boyfriends/girlfriends lasting from anytime between one day and two weeks. And they call it a "relationship." Smh.
God, how I hated middle school; everyone thought they were the shit back then!

Middle school: because we apparently need something between six years of elementary and another four years of hell - I mean high school.
by mister def July 26, 2014

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