A hell hole filled with, obnoxious & bitchy people (usually girls), cliques, slutty girls, and horny guys. You sit in an uncomfortable plastic chair for 7 hours doing nothing but writing pointless shit in your notebook. Sometimes you might even fall asleep just listening to your teacher go on about something that you'll never need to know. You can't go through these 2, 3, or even 4 without being picked on about being the one with glasses. If you're different than the popular kids in any way, you'll be made fun of. The staff is filled with douchebags who don't give a fuck about you, the teachers teach you pointless BS that you've known since 3rd grade. Or shit that you will never use. They give you 15 pages of homework due the next day. So your basically up all night doing it, and you get about 1/2 an hour of sleep. You get detention for asking someone for a pencil when the teacher's talking. Your so called "friends" talk behind your back, the relationships don't last more than a week, and there is drama in every ounce of the school. The whole building it self looks like a school, but it's a actually a concentration camp for kids 11-14. Lastly, Middle School is a failed experiment to prepare kids for High School ran by the government. These are the worst years of your life, have fun!
Brittany (Before MS): Oh I'm so happy i'm going to middle school! I'll make so many new friends and i'm gonna be so popular!
Brittany (Middle of MS): GET ME OUT OF THIS HELL WHOLE!!
by I'm right behind you... November 01, 2009
teacher: welcome to middle school
Boy 1: more like, welcome to hell
Bot 2: same thing!
by EddieVanHalenIzABeast March 22, 2011
The School after elementary school but before highschool.
Middle school is usually a large building that holds kids from fifth grade to seventh grade this is where people begin to get into cliques such as

Also where you get more than one class per day and a locker that you feel is the sign of your individuality but instead find out you are squished next to 2 other people you only have about 12 in. of space and usually end up standing a full arms distance away and reaching over 2 kids to get your stuff. Classes usually have really old teachers or really young teachers homework is now a huge task to complete consisting of 2 or more pages of word problems. The teachers only care about the state regulated exam and don't care to teach you anything not on the exam.
Also where at lunch you decide your table and if you are caught at any table besides your own you get made fun of. Middle school is also where people kids begin to like the opposite sex and get their first girlfriends it then becomes customary to sit with your date at lunch.
Your friends will make fun of you to try to gain new friends or move up in the social chain the ones that don't make fun of you are usually the ones you will be friends with for the rest of middle school.
Other things that happen in middle school are
Drug use
and a higher level of stress that is only topped in highschool.
Middle school is hell i can only imagine what highschool will be like

School is the prison where all your dreams go to die
by Frost AG November 05, 2012
person 1- today was like MIDDLE SCHOOL MAN

person 2- im so sry
by hateit August 02, 2010
A place where you come in thinking, great! I'm going to make so many new friends! You will see those 7th graders who at one point went to your school. They went from normal people to eye liner wearer , fake wannabe, fakes... Soon you will have realized middle school is all about boys asking girls out and the queer drama that happens all because "You wouldnt shop with Sally at abercrombie."

All the girls wear abercrombie and they boys try to look "cool" with their very special Hollister t-shirt everyone else is wearing. There are the stupid populars, nerds,posers,emos, and the OK KIDS. Hopefully you will be part of the OK kids. You get average grades, you couldnt care less about popularity, and you sill like the same music. You normal and love watching the populars becoming sluts.

Middle School sucked.
by Jazmin :) September 10, 2008
The deepest pit in the pits of hell that children between the ages of 11-14 are forced to visit for 7 hours/day 5 days/week. Home of acne, drama, periods, discrimination, drugs, labels, bullying, etc.
Man, middle school sucks!
by mbkt10903 December 13, 2013
It's Elementary extended and you hear a lot more cussing and swearing and no one gives a shit if you do like in 4th grade. The girls start wearing shirts that show their cleavage more, despite the fact teachers will try to get on you about that. A place that will make you want to commit suicide, due to all of the mental and physical abuse you go through while you're in middle school and the teachers will just "teach" you shit that you will never use. Parents will get on you more about homework when you would think that it would be enough when kids are fucking with you all day. All of your friends will change and get into drugs more and it may surprise you who it will be. You better prepare for all of the bullying you will go through, from kids ages 12-14 when you're at school and on the bus, it'll be 12-18!!! Middle school does not give anyone mercy, whatsoever, unless you're a fucking jock then no one will fuck with you and you'll be the one who will decide which person deserves mercy. Middle school is (one of) the worst place(s) on Earth and you will have to learn how to survive through middle school. Good luck.
6th grader: Yay!!!! I'm in middle school now!!!

8th grader: Yeah? Welcome to HELL!!!

6th grader: W-w-w-what?

8th grader: You heard me you little shitbag. Listen, this isn't like a walk in the park you dumbass. Middle school is the worst place ever and you're acting like it's going to be great! Well, guess what? It will be hell for all three years while you're here. So unless you are 100% prepared and you are 100% mentally and physically fit for this shit hole, I'd suggest you beg your parents to home school you. Well, it was nice talking to you! Oh, and have fun.

6th grader: Aw, shit...
by reb09juggernaut August 31, 2013
a place between elementary school and high school meant for learning but really full of drama and immaturity.
"Omg are you going to the school dance tonight?"
"Omg duh!What is Middle School for?"
by Featherules August 12, 2013

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