Middle school is period of education normally ranging from grades 6-8, however some school districts have changed that standard to grades 7-8 or rarely even grades 5-8. This is a period in which academically, the work load and required effort raises tremendously. Although in elementary school, many students simply had 1 or at most 2 hours of homework nightly, this is changed to up to five hours nightly. Lockers are introduced, too. These are storage units meant to decrease the weight on our backs and have a generally good purpose, they actually just make us late for class and sweaty as they make us walk everywhere across campus just to get a binder or a composition book for class. The enviroment also greatly changes socially. Some of your old friends just completely ignore you as they feel you are "uncool". People have boyfriends that they "love" after 3 days and never keep for more than a week. Girls just want to say "I have a boyfriend" and the boys just want to get some. However, if you wear what you like, keep true to yourself stick with your old friends and maybe make a new one, keep away from dating, don't lose your virginity, and don't do any pot, middle school can be a bittersweet experience that you will think of fondly later as many socially intelligent people do. Middle school was great for me.
Usually after graduating from fifth grade, a newly appointed middle schooler can either have a mostly great experience or a terrible hell hole depending on if they become socially "cool" or just be cool and have fun with their friends.

Middle school is cool.

A typical middle school conversation:
Boy 1: Hey, do you have a girlfriend?
Boy 2: Nah, just broke up with (old girlfriend)
Boy 1: Hey look at (girl with big boobs). She is HOT!
Boy 2: Yeah, I'm gonna see if she'll wanna do me later.
Boy 3: You guys are pervs.

Boy 2: Hey, I saw you earlier.
Girl with big boobs: Yeah, I like, saw you.
Boy 2: You wanna make out?
Girl: Sure, why not?
That was a no joke conversation I spotted at school. That is an example of what not to be.
by dZRe June 07, 2011
Hell. Everyone is a bunch of poseurs and brats. They all try to make you conform and listen to the same stupid music thinking they're cool. They all have Middle School Relationships that aren't real or serious and last about a week.
You have either 7 or 8 classes that are usually on thee opposite sides of campus. You must run and risk looking like a loser to your next class within the time they give you to get to class. You may be three seconds late but you'll probably have a bitch for a teacher that marks you as late and gives you a detention.
You'll be constantly stressed and won't get a chance to relax after waking up at 6:00am and then go to school for 6 hours, go home and do your shit-load of homework and still be expected to get to school on time and get amazing grades after getting to bed at midnight.
Then your teachers demand a binder for each class so you look like a huge nerd with a fifty pound backpack that you must run to each class with. In classes, you are forced to learn stupid ass shit you'll never use again and must remember just long enough to pass standardized tests and if you get a bad grade, your parents will criticize you to the point of tears but they just can't sympathize with you. Have fun!

All that stuff on TV about middle school being fun? Lies. All the fun stuff that happens in books? Never happens.
My teacher gave me so much fucking math homework I had to pull an all-nighter and then got detention for falling asleep during class.

Popular kids pointed and laughed as I ran with my fifty pound backpack to my next class. Of course, they all looked cool in Hollister skirts and Jansport backpacks that were all empty.

I'm finally done with middle school. I don't remember anything I learned.
by AprilW. May 12, 2012
The Place everyone is dying to go to once they've graduated from Elementary. After about a 2 weeks of attending they realize that it's pretty much the same except the drama, which is caused by masturbating ass holes and slutty make up freaks (who never wear it right). Can range from kids who sing gay old songs in the hallway that still wear clothes from two years ago, to kids who've lost there virginity and smoke pot. Most of the insecure kids that have no life and decide to make other's life a living hell turn out to be the most 'popular' and the kids with reason who act their own age are bullied for no reason at all. Boys treat girls like shit because of 'crushes' and pretty much all the classes are useless. Not to mention the emo at every corner.
Graduated 5th Grader: YAY MIDDLE SCHOOL! This is gonna be great!

Graduated 8th Grader: Trust me it won't be. Thank god I got out of there.

Popular slut: Ew! You wear BROWN flip flops?
Normal girl: What's your problem?
Popular slut: What ever! What ever!

Boy: Wanna Date?
Girl: Sure! What's your name again?
Boy: Jeffery

Teacher: What are you doing?
Student: Your mom!
*class laughs*
The act of piggy backing off of anothers joke with less than funny results.
Tom:Where were you 5 years ago Gary?
Randy: He was in High School
cue laughter
Paul:NO! Middle school!!!
Silence; Crickets; Tumbleweed
Paul:MIDDLE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by parkay September 24, 2004
middle school, fer us at least, is you are either popular and have your head so far up your ass that you can taste your stomach acid, or your poppin pills behind the book shelves in the library, and lighting up a cig around the corner when the teaches who have no fuckin clue what theyre doing finally let you outside. every girl is constantly sayin how "in love" she is with her bf of one day, except for a few who actually have two cents worth of knowledge and are capable of developing a real relationship. after school, the slackers from middle school drive illegally to some kids house whos maa or paa dont give a fuck and meet up with the slackers from highschool, and get fucked up till ten at night on anything they can find, and the popular kids go to the mall and buy matching outfits and then go home and dress up in the most clashing shit and take pictures cuz thats theyre idea of "extreeeeeeme"

if you listen to ke$ha, jay sean, or your status on facebook is "i could really use a wish right now," or if you dont know the price of an eigth of chron then you are a popular fucking freak with your head up your ass.

if you spend most of your time digging through the medicine cabinet, and you spend most of your time at your friends house sitting in a room with a mattress on the floor with twenty three other people so fucked up that you are convinced with your life that the wall is dripping, and your listening to tech n9ne, icp, kottonmouth kings, etc, then you are a slacker.
popular1: haaay keely, whats up?? i like your jeans today!! they make your backside look oooober cutee!!
slacker1: dude, fuck off, and get a life man... seriously grow up.

popular2: dude, did you hear?!?! hanas got A cups!!! im so jealous!! i wish my breasts were that big!!
slacker2: yo, excuse me, my tits are fallin outta my shirt here, dont you just hate that?? oh waaaait!! you aint got any. pah,

popular3: OmG!! lisa couldnt even talk today, like what the cow is her problem, she probably took ibuprofen or something.

slacker3: dude, you are so stupid, that shit doesnt do anything, shes wired on xanax
popular3:shes what on what??
slacker3: fuck this man, i hate middle school so much, be right back, smoke break.
by sickofskool August 01, 2010
A place where you are unwillingly sent to, to be ripped apart by your equals.
The first few weeks are fine but by december you want to go to sleep and see infinite nothingness
Your teachers will give you a crap ton of 3-hour long homework, tell you its not bad, and get mad if you don't do it
Your peers from elementary school all change. Some get mean, some get new friends and ditch you, and some give out all your secrets and talk about you behind your back.
The Average middle school "Relationship" Lasts 2 weeks to a month.
Lunch WOULD be the only good time if teachers didn't stalk you in the lunch room.
You are forced to read boring books like "The Prince and the Pauper" and "The Giver"
Everyone is a jerk.
Drama is in every damn locker.
If you're lucky you become an outcast in middle school and don't have to deal with half of this.
Anon1: Man i wish i was anon
Anon2: Why do you want to be anon
Anon1: hes an outcast he doesnt have to deal with this Middle School drama
Anon2: ;-;
by ThwipGuy April 24, 2013
A place where precious childhood years are wasted.

*Quickly after someone start middle school, they realize that a few people that knew knew last year turn into jerks and douchebags. Sometimes they may even be friends of theirs.
*some kids get popular by putting others down and making themselves feel and look better
*about 80% of the guys are skaters and 90% of the skaters are just posers.
*half of the girls will try to dress loose and slutty
*Douchebags and popular kids wear Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, etc. so much that you immediatly suck if you don't wear one of those brands
*Kids talk about others behind their back
*Lots of kids follow the popular kids when half of the popular kids make others feel like shit.
*Porn addicts will make fun of you for watching porn
*People think everything is gay even when its not
*People brag about their possesion.

*Tattle tales patrol the campus
*Students get labled
*Some kids are immature and still think girls are gross and critisize girls when near you making you look like one of them
*Lunch is a ripoff
*Test scores get easily messed up
*The teachers have favorites
*You get in trouble for bullshit
*When a kid has a tiny problem, he/she won't just suck it up but will try to make it worse
*Hot girls all crowd around this one guy and like him because he has one quality or their friends like him. Then they immediatly hate you if you try to talk to them

And the list goes on and on but you get it
Example 1:
Collin: Oh, hey Johnathan
Johnathan: Screw you! I don't like you anymore
Collin: Why? I thought we were friends!
Johnathan: We were never friends, now go watch your porno videos! Go to hell also!
Other randumb people: *Follow Johnathan because they think he's cool for putting someone down*
Collin: Damn middle school really sucks.

Example 2:
Disguise douchebag: Hey Alex, lets go do something fun
Alex and Disguise douchebag:*do some fun crap*
Disguise douchebag: Hey other friends! Alex is such a dumbass! he got 70% on a report card and thinks thats bad
by idonnowhoiam November 02, 2012

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