the completely kick-ass tall chick/bro who plays at (oh, glory) position 3 on the volleyball court. this stellar human being is responsible for delivering some freaking amazing hits, spikes, or tips onto that sorry opponent's court floor. middle hitter can also block like there's no tomorrow.
"wow, that middle hitter is the tallest chick with possibly the longest arms i've ever seen to grace this court...."
by polly] July 29, 2007
Top Definition
The hardest working player on a volleyball court-until you disagree,try blocking weak,strong,and middle and busting your ass for the largest amount of hit calls any hitter has.Middle hitter is the one who looks the best in spandex,of course. and blocks and gets touches like its their job.beast,killer,and amazing.God's gift to volleyball.
middle hitters are obviously god's gift to volleyball
by ryan April 29, 2008
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