A giant sandbox.

People live in it.
I went to the middle east and I got sand in my Shawarma.
by YayForSuicide October 09, 2006
Top Definition
A term which originated in the west to pack up a group of regions and nations which have different languages, history, and culture. People there do not think of themselves as "middle eastern". They think of themselves as either Arabs, Turks, Persians .... and I can keep naming ethnicities for a long time.

Another misconception is that what is called the middle east is mainly a desert. Most countries in the so-called middle east have only a limited desert area and others do not have deserts at all.

Most countries in the so-called middle east have a lot of problems because of past or present western colonialism occupation or intervention.
A missled person: I've been to the middle east.
Another person: Could you be more specific?

First Person: When are these middle eastern people are going to stop having trouble?
Second Person: When WE LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!
by commentator January 25, 2008
A place where oil is cheaper than water.
A place where telephone company's hack foreign people's phone bill.
A place where is the best hotel in the world.
A place where the temperature gets up to 50 degrees centigrade.
A place where you can trade your Toyota for millions of gallons of oil.
A place where the biggest kite is built.
A place where there is thousands of princes and princesses.
A place where George W. Bush hates most.
A place where an average of 3 people get executed per week.
A place where beer is created.
A place where Algebra is created.
A place of the fathers of physics.
A place of the fathers of astronomy.
A place where you breathe 50% carbon dioxide.
A place where the Nation of Islam is born.
A place where 10% of the internet users use internet for Islamic purposes.
A place where 7 people on average die of car crashes.
A place where there is no free time.
Write me more comments :P Middle East
by ArabDudeFelasteen February 01, 2009
Not a terrorist cloning facility....
Student 1: " Holy fucking shit!!! That new kid, Omar is gonna blow is all up man!!"
Student 2: " You're pretty fucking stupid to believe the media, not everyone from the Middle East is a terrorist, Goerge Bush is a terrorist to them, and his sex slave, Dick Cheney."
by Immigrant69 May 29, 2013
A slang term for the mid-atlantic region of the USA consisting of the DC, MD, VA states/area. Principle cities of the region include Washington DC, Baltimore, Richmond, Norfolk/757 area of Virginia. Term is popular with some hip hop artists in the region. Some slang and parts of accent are used throughout the majority of the region despite general differences in speech.
Examples include the uses of the word carry (curry) meaning to disrespect, wellin' (whalin') meaning lying. Also pronunciations of the ur sound in certain words such as Murrland (Maryland), urea (area), murry (marry), necessury (necessary).
"I sound southern to people from NYC, and northern to people from ATL, I'm from the middle east (coast)".

"We are like the top of the south, and the bottom of the north. We are the middle east".
by vadcmd December 30, 2011
The rest of the world's litterbox. Most commonly associated to Islam and Arabs, it's also full of all the loose-nutted, sadist emo kids of the world. It used to be a lush world of green grasses and naked women, but constant car and suicide bombings has turned it into a wasteland for the rest of the world do dump their excess shit in. Since then, women were forced to cover themselves entirely and turned into slaves for the male population, who were jealoous of the woman's hairless skin.

The Middle-East has recently gained fame from the 2001 World Trade Center attacks, where a few abondoned souls who were jealous that American men could get laid on-demand, at the cost of some easily-earned money. They were hoping to kill the financial center of the country so the women would get desperate and come to them.

You will know if someone is from the middle-east if they:

A) Have a towel around their head
B) Are wearing a bulky jacket
C) Are closely followed by 5 women with only eyes visible.
D) Shout something that sounds like an Amazon war cry
E) Explosions can be heard from the direction they came from
F)They smell like Downy fabric softener

I advise you to steer clear of them, for they often travel in packs and are almost always armed with their weight of c4 explosive.
"Look at that, another bombing with 2 dead: the bomber and the cat who walked by him" -Random American

"yababdbabdbab AYEEEEEEEEE......*BOOM*" -Walter (Jeff Dunham) on the Middle-East

by CombatGooch October 28, 2008
'urban' areas of Bedfordshire (e.g. Luton & Bedford). So called because of its position bordering The Midlands & East Anglia. The name also derives from the area's large population of people originating from Asia.
"No wonder they call this place 'The Middle East', it was like Baghdad when the BNP were campaigning!"
by Ronny St Papps September 18, 2005
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