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when one is in a desperate need for a siesta because they become extremely tired in the afternoon and coffee isn't cutting it any longer.
"working at panera sucked today after that wild night of drinking. i had the worst mid-day crisis ever."
by belikecat January 09, 2010
When it's the middle of the day, and you realize you have a lot to do and not enough time to do it. As a result, your mind locks up and you can't work, you just sit and pity yourself.
Usually caused by procrastination.
When you procrastinate too much and end up having multiple huge assignments (which you haven't started) due the next day, you may have a mid-day crisis, and end up laying on your bed throwing a tennis ball at the wall. Eventually you either say "fuck it" and don't do the assignments, or you get off your ass and work on them all night.
by whereismymind? May 09, 2010
You started out your day all pumped-up to accomplish the list of to-dos but the obstacles you face along the way overwhelm you by mid-day that you feel lost and demotivated to carry on.

Common cause: bureaucracy.
Perhaps casual chatting with colleagues in the pantry over a cup of tea for a good fifteen minutes will soothe the mid-day crisis symptoms.
by misiao July 28, 2010

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