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In business management, micromanagement is an example of poor management where the manager over-manages people unnecessarily. Instead of giving people general instructions and then allowing them to do their job, the micromanager monitors and assesses every step. The manager may be motivated by concern for details. The effect, however, may be to de-motivate employees and create resentment.-
“Finally, this supervisor is holding himself back. By continuing to micromanage his staff, he is insuring that they don't develop. If there is no one to replace the superintendent, then he, in turn, cannot advance. Some people mistakenly think that, by not developing their subordinates, they are maintaining job security for themselves. In fact, what they're doing is hurting the company.”
by Adam Carlton May 04, 2005
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The term essentially means to supervise every small step in the workflow process -- hence the 'micro.' In today's workplace, micromanaging is responsible for many bad bottom lines, poor performances and
Tim Burgin-he is insuring that they don't develop. In fact, what he doing is hurting the company.
by Adam Carlton May 04, 2005
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A form of management practiced by neurotic, uptight and middle-aged white males. This form of management often involves nonsensical and brandish displays of masculinity. In addition to this, it is often characterized by repetitive and demeaning orders as well as the occasional scolding.

See: Mushroom Management for further reading.
Micromanagement in your life:

Manager: Hey, I'm gonna need you to go ahead and skip your lunch and re stack everything in isles 12-16.

Employee: But I just stacked them this morning.

Manager: And when you get done that it's your turn to clean the public restroom, have it done before the end of your shift.
by Silence DogoodINGTON December 10, 2011
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Micromanagement is a term which describes the management of many small details in computer games. It has at least two senses, one referring to economic management and the other to combat tactics. Micromanagement has been a controversial aspect of game design for many years - some games minimize it while others treat it as an important skill.
Shove that micromanagement up your ass! I'm getting a different RTS.
by fredmeepbob November 20, 2007
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