-Stunningly beautiful girl who's incredibly talented.

-Amazing singer and knows how to work her body on the dance floor!

-Has a low self esteem even though she's absolutely gorgeous.

-Very intelligent and charismatic.

-Kind, compassionate, and loving.

-Has a big heart which usually gets broken from loving those who do not deserve her love.

-Great in bed! Beautiful inside, and out. (has some killer sexy curves too).

-Usually Michelles have an adorable laugh and eyes that out shine the stars! If you meet a Michelle, you better watch out, because she'll be irresistible!
-extremely horny
-likes to be a naughty girl quite often
by k.boo November 22, 2013
The most amazing girlfriend in the world. She's hella beautiful, amazing, awesome person. Loves kittens and mexican food. Loved by some mexican kid.
Noe: Hey michelle whatchu doin?

Michelle: Playing with my Mexican Cats
by zunobluh September 01, 2011
Nicest lady to walk the earth, she has a complete jewfro but that's what makes her special. Michelle always has what you need hidden in her hair such as deodorant, pads, and money. Since she is so generous, she is the kind of southern sweetie who will make you pancakes when you wake up in the morning. When you meet a Michelle, you know you have met someone good.
I woke up from a late night last night and right as I woke up Michelle had a large platter of buttermilk pancakes sitting in my lap.
A truly beloved girl. Someone who cares about everyone and everything until you cross her.

she is noble, and has a smile and laugh to night a room up.

Michelle's are usually curvaceous and built like a Pin-up girl. Tan skin to highlight their Deep mysterious yet intelligent eyes.

Michelle's also have gorgeous dark hair usually in natural curls or slight waves, but always in a large thick mane around their beautiful goddess looking face.
Michelle's are mostly Leo's and it shown in their leadership and infectiously bubbly personality. Their free spirit is whimsical and refreshing for anyone's life.
They are a perfect girl to bring home to the folks, and to bring home to bed to. Everyone needs a Michelle in bed at least once!
"Michelle is so beautiful and smart, I think I want to marry her someday"


Me: "hey dude, I have a date with Michelle from English class"
Friend: "No way!!! I am so jealous!"
Me: "I know! that girl is wild!"
by Bubble Avenger November 11, 2013
Michelle (Shell or Shelly) is usually a person that is strikingly beautiful with goldish brown hair and brown/green eyes. Michelle is always so intelligent, sweet and cute and one of the most caring people on Earth. She always help other people before herself. Michelle is beautiful, sweet, cute, and selfless. Everybody wants a Michelle in their life.
Girl 1: She is so nice
Boy 1: She's so beautiful I totally wanna date her
Girl 2: I know, she must be a Michelle
by boogalyboogalyboo December 28, 2013
Michelle is a kind, funny, and smart girl. She is pretty laid back but can still buckle down and focus when there's work to be done. She's creative, passionate, and more then anything else dedicated. She's very responsible and caring ( kinda like a mom or older sister) but won't hesitate to smack you if you try to slack off or push her buttons. They usually come off as quiet and withdrawn but actually have an amazing strong personality once you get to know them. While they may not be the best at school they will always find something else ( singing, sports, band, art, etc.) that they love a and will work their ass off for. Usually they're kinda tall with brown hair, if not she might have dyed it, and have their own sense of style, not really digging the mainstream brands. So wile Michelle's usually don't stand out as much as soon as you meet them you'll always have a friend to rely on.
Guy1: Hey, can I borrow your notes? I was absent.
Guy2: Sorry dude I didn't take any. Why don't you ask Michelle? She'll might even summarize the lesson for you. She's a great teacher.
Guy1:Sweet! Thanks dude!
by Jinx-craft July 30, 2015
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