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A woman with style and grace, beauty and Attitude. She will never take no for an answer. Never get on her bad side.
Michel'le is crazy
by kokanu April 27, 2011
28 2
Michelles are really nice. caring. pretty. smart. they are usually brunets but that is pretty. they are caring about there friends and like everyone. they always think on the bright side and they are great actresses! they can also sing and dance. the boy she likes that dosent like her needs to get to know her becuase he dosent know WHAT he is missing. Michelles arent goodie goodies and they arent bad. they are daring and fun. if you get in a fight with her, you better make up because she a type of friend everyone loves. shes funny and she loves everything from scary movies to comedys. she has beautiful eyes. when you meet a michelle, she is outgoing but a little shy. when you get to know her, you wont forget her.
boy: i met a michelle i cant get her out of my head.

other boy: I have met a michelle once, and she was so beautiful and funny and i wish i could see her again!

boy: i think im in love with her!
by 1234xxx June 28, 2012
30 7
The most amazing girlfriend in the world. She's hella beautiful, amazing, awesome person. Loves kittens and mexican food. Loved by some mexican kid.
Noe: Hey michelle whatchu doin?

Michelle: Playing with my Mexican Cats
by zunobluh September 01, 2011
37 14
Michelle is a girl who is always there for you even in the hardest times. On top of that she is very pretty, kind, understanding, athletic and hilarious. If you say something wrong, she'll forgive within 10 minutes. Has the prettiest eyes and tends to be on the shorter side. Michelle also accepts who you are and wont judge. Michelle is the perfect girl. Who wouldn't love her?!?!
Friend: Michelle, I think I like you...

Michelle: I felt just the same way! Maybe we could hang out or go ice skating!
by Diavolo89 June 21, 2012
29 7
A Girl That Isnt Afraid To Say Whats On Her Mind . She Is Very Loving And Caring To Others. She Tends To Fall For Her Guy Bestfriends But She Is No Slut ! She Is Beautiful Inside And Out .Also Very Sensitive . Coincided A Little . Very Tender Feelings . Never Forgets But She Forgives .
by LoveYouLotss(: December 30, 2012
22 6
Michelle is the person you turn to when you want the job done fast AND right. Michelle is the person who works in another department than your own and you still call her to do the job because no one in your department is good enough for it. She's the top dog. She's #1. If you look up the word "one" in the dictionary it says, "see Michelle"
Lynn: "I am so far behind on Dr. orders, I think I'm gonna be here until 10pm"

Lydia: "Want me to call Nicole or Ashley to help?"

Lynn: "No, our techs aren't that great, I think I'll call Michelle, she always does good in her department."

Lydia: "But she doesn't work for our department!"

Lynn: "I know, but she's Michelle!"
by Second Fiddle September 23, 2012
21 6
Nicest lady to walk the earth, she has a complete jewfro but that's what makes her special. Michelle always has what you need hidden in her hair such as deodorant, pads, and money. Since she is so generous, she is the kind of southern sweetie who will make you pancakes when you wake up in the morning. When you meet a Michelle, you know you have met someone good.
I woke up from a late night last night and right as I woke up Michelle had a large platter of buttermilk pancakes sitting in my lap.
26 13