A beautiful girl people will try forever to get. No matter what the cost people will try to impress her. She is pretty, gentle, caring, and a great friend!
Man i love that Michelle she is perfect in every single way!
by Himwhowillwaitforever June 15, 2011
A truly amazing girl any man would be lucky to have.. The most beautiful person you will ever come across, both inside and out . Any man would be lucky to have her and only the best deserve her .She combines intelligence, sexiness, true beauty , caring, kind ,humour and all the best qualities , in other words she is perfect. Usually brunette or dark haired with amazing eyes. Can come across as weird or strange but that what makes her loveable and never boring . Her friends love her and she's always there for them . May be Scorpio or Leo . Has an evil streak to her personality but doesn't normally show it . Complete sex kitten , looks the meaning of innocence but one or two men can disagree, the best kisser and great in bed but not a whore , can be very fussy when it comes to guys and picks only the best.Hides her feelings, doesn't like to talk about herself and will often avoid questions. The best friend or girlfriend you could ever ask for .
1:oh my god have you seen her !
2: oh my god she's beautiful must be a Michelle
by flyguy83 December 29, 2011
1)A nice girl, that at the same time is extremely good-looking.

2)Always dresses up fashionably and everyone around is jealous of her beautiful hair.

3)Also, Michelle's are very athletic-they succeed in most sports they try. In addition they are flirtatious and Having astounding sex appeal by nature. The song Sexy-Chick by Akon relates to Michelle.

4)Michelle's are super good when it comes to sex and they never try to get all the boys-they just get them!

5) You will notice that Michelle's are a bit crazy and they are always in the centre of the attention!

6) Sometimes they are sluts

7) They are very smart
Boy 1: Damn! Have you seen that girl?

Boy 2: Michelle?
Boy 1: Yea, she's perfection

Guy 1: Michelle is the girl i want she is both good-looking and sexy. Yet, a bit crazy

Have you seen her ass? Her name is definitely Michelle.
by you-know-you-love-me March 13, 2010
1.) A French female name that is in no way meant to be given to a TRUE man.

2.)Not to be confused with or associated with the name Michael. (A man's name!)
"Michelle is such a great WOMAN!"

"Michelle is so girlie."
by Helen Herron Taft July 10, 2008
An amazing girl who has dark hair and is overall gorgeous. A Michelle makes all other girls jealous because of her superior beauty, intelligence, and athletics skills (usually tennis). A Michelle usually has an unnatural fear of dogs and love of coffee flavored ice cream.
Guy #1: Man, look at that girl over there!
Guy #2: I know! I bet here name is Michelle.
Guy #1: I saw her playing tennis earlier! She is so HOT!
Guy #2: Yup, defiantly a Michelle.
by brbspx June 24, 2011
Michelles are really nice. caring. pretty. smart. they are usually brunets but that is pretty. they are caring about there friends and like everyone. they always think on the bright side and they are great actresses! they can also sing and dance. the boy she likes that dosent like her needs to get to know her becuase he dosent know WHAT he is missing. Michelles arent goodie goodies and they arent bad. they are daring and fun. if you get in a fight with her, you better make up because she a type of friend everyone loves. shes funny and she loves everything from scary movies to comedys. she has beautiful eyes. when you meet a michelle, she is outgoing but a little shy. when you get to know her, you wont forget her.
boy: i met a michelle i cant get her out of my head.

other boy: I have met a michelle once, and she was so beautiful and funny and i wish i could see her again!

boy: i think im in love with her!
by 1234xxx June 28, 2012
The girl's name Michelle \m(i)-chelle,
mich(el)-le\ is pronounced mee-SHELL.

It is of French and Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "who resembles God?". Feminine form of Michael. A popular name when it was first used in the 1940s, and made even more so by the Beatles' famous song "Michelle" in the 1970s.
e.g. Michelle is a girl next door.
by HumBird February 06, 2010

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