Kind of gross, nasty. Has hardly any hair on her head, and has chicken legs. Growdy, and tried to steal other girl's boyfriends... Usually names Noah. Also has a huge jealousy issue.
Laura: did you see her legs?

Taylor: yeah, man, shes such a michelle.
by PukingUnicorn123 November 29, 2011
Just a normal girl who may be very antisocial. May not be awesome. May be no one will ever notice her. May be somewhat smart, but freaks out when she has a B. May be not pretty or have an appealing personality. May be so reserved that she can't even talk to people without being awkward. May be trying to find who she is, what she like, and may be she'll never know and will never reach her dreams-of which she may not have any.
Who are you?
I'm just Michelle.
by justanormalgirl October 16, 2010
a pretty hot girl who has pretty bad taste in guys
"dude i tried to get with michelle last night but she blew me off for some ugly dude"
"thats because she has a bad taste in guys"
by JD Rosale January 26, 2007
A cool, chill, laid back girl.
Has good taste in music and movies.
Although a great person she is the laziest chick you will ever meet.
She usually looks like a hobo everyday and walks like she is falling asleep.
Guy 1; look at her she is pretty chill but damn such a hobo
Guy 2: naw it's just a michelle.
by michelle's friend January 19, 2011
A very lazy woman who sits on her ass all day. Usually found eating pizza, and drinking beer.
Get off your ass and stop being such a michelle!
by tigandlillianpillian May 04, 2011
skinny ass bitch that looks ugly and thinks shes all that hanging with her little school friends. get a life
A: dud, michelle over there is walkng around like a penguin

B: i know, shes so nasty, and a whore, and is walking like she knows everybody, when everyone talks shit about her, and hangs with her just to not make her feel bad
by penis is large July 10, 2011
raging disgusting whore that goes after other womens men for the pure pleasure of being a dirty skank. ugly loose ass crazy bitch. easily offended and just rude. bi polar and nasty. acne infested low cut shirt wearing bitch, who blows drug dealers for dope. attention seeking slutty and crude are usual behaviors of her. her natural habitats are your boyfriends bed and her back. this loose disgusting whorelike skank is commonly spotted clinging to emo fucks for emotional support, when really she should stick to sucking dick. its easier on everyone.
"god that girl is such a fudging michelle, dont let her near your boyfriend."
by dasrightbish August 19, 2011

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