Michelle Loves Jack, Michelle will meet a Jack and Jack will soon Become one of Michelle's Best Friends! Soon after Michelle Will Start to Develop Feelings for Jack.
A: Hey Michelle
Michelle: Hey!
A: Soooo, You and Jack Are Best Friend's!
Michelle: Yeah!
A: I Wouldn't Be Suprised if You Developed Feelings For him!!! Every Michelle Loves one Jack!
by Michellefacts101 July 08, 2011
Lovely name with a lovely figure. The prettiest girl on earth. But she has an IQ of 5.
Are you a Michelle?
by Michellelover October 27, 2011
the ugliest most annoying person youll ever meet
Person 1: Omg look how ugly that girl is.

Person 2: Yeah, I hear she's annoying too.

Person 1: Must be a Michelle.
by persona of random idk August 15, 2012
A Michelle might be nice to you but will backstab you. She's really fake , be talking mess behind your back . Once you confrunt her she would say a diffrent story. Will never say how she feels about you to your face but behind your back she will. Not that pretty, sometimes a hoe. Guys really don't take here serious they look at her like a game because she's FAKE never HONEST. Lies to get what she wants she's not trill.
That female is a Michelle she's not trill.
by Young'Savage December 13, 2011
Kind of gross, nasty. Has hardly any hair on her head, and has chicken legs. Growdy, and tried to steal other girl's boyfriends... Usually names Noah. Also has a huge jealousy issue.
Laura: did you see her legs?

Taylor: yeah, man, shes such a michelle.
by PukingUnicorn123 November 29, 2011
Just a normal girl who may be very antisocial. May not be awesome. May be no one will ever notice her. May be somewhat smart, but freaks out when she has a B. May be not pretty or have an appealing personality. May be so reserved that she can't even talk to people without being awkward. May be trying to find who she is, what she like, and may be she'll never know and will never reach her dreams-of which she may not have any.
Who are you?
I'm just Michelle.
by justanormalgirl October 16, 2010
a pretty hot girl who has pretty bad taste in guys
"dude i tried to get with michelle last night but she blew me off for some ugly dude"
"thats because she has a bad taste in guys"
by JD Rosale January 26, 2007

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