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Also see towel
Person 1: I'm about to take a shower, can you grab me a Michelle to dry off with when I finish?

Person 2: I sure can!
by thekingsofresh February 18, 2013
A name commonly associated with the best girlfriend a guy could ever have.

Also refers to the sweet, caring nature of said human being, and their stunning beauty that is accompanied by their sweet demeanor.

Daniel: Dude, today I was with my girlfriend on a furry cat-couch, shes such a michelle, we kissed and cuddled for hours!
by danxdismember January 28, 2010
the best girl you'll ever meet. she's pretty, smart, caring, loving, unique, special, fun to be around, loud, optimistic, weird, & awesome. she has many friends but is wary of who she gives her trust to. many guys like her but she is loyal to whoever her boyfriend may be at the time. she'll laugh at anything & everything so comedians go to her to hear someone laugh at their jokes. she's outgoing, speaks her mind, barely thinks before saying something, is full of pride, & sometimes can be self-serving but she has reason to be.
Boyfriend: Michelle, you're so amazing. I couldn't ask for a better girl. I love you.

Michelle: Aww, I love you, too.
by liivinmylife April 05, 2010
A tall goddess whos beauty and love one could die for, and an attitude and stubborness to match. Nontheless, She is the stuff dreams are made of.
"Michelle" = Fairytale
by pistol 94 February 04, 2010
A person of great intellect, who is a born leader. Michelle means loved one as in "my cherie" and a Michelle is one hot woman to handle.
Check out the legs on that one, she's so Michelle.
by rockonsister February 03, 2010
Naturally beautiful with stunning eyes. She's the one you think about when u masturbate and when u wake up in the morning with wet sticky sheets you blame her for haunting your dreams. One time with her and no-one will ever be good enough, ever again. She's definately one to hold on to and never let go!
Dude#1:Man, I woke up this morning and...
Dude#2: Morningwood man, I know , right?
Dude#1: Nah man, I had a Michelle
Dude#2: O wow, don't that suck so good?
by MistressMichi February 04, 2010
Usually smart girls who are not nerds
they have low self esteem
people compliment her all the time

doesnt give herself a lot of credit
loves her friends
usually falls for guys that are in her friendship circle
nice body
beautiful eyes
good in bed
doesnt believe in prince charming
usually Leo's
Boy 1: she is so beautiful! i said that to her and she just nodded!
Boy 2: Yeah her name is michelle
by RandomLove143 March 15, 2010
1)A nice girl, that at the same time is extremely good-looking.

2)Always dresses up fashionably and everyone around is jealous of her beautiful hair.

3)Also, Michelle's are very athletic-they succeed in most sports they try. In addition they are flirtatious and Having astounding sex appeal by nature. The song Sexy-Chick by Akon relates to Michelle.

4)Michelle's are super good when it comes to sex and they never try to get all the boys-they just get them!

5) You will notice that Michelle's are a bit crazy and they are always in the centre of the attention!

6) Sometimes they are sluts

7) They are very smart
Boy 1: Damn! Have you seen that girl?

Boy 2: Michelle?
Boy 1: Yea, she's perfection

Guy 1: Michelle is the girl i want she is both good-looking and sexy. Yet, a bit crazy

Have you seen her ass? Her name is definitely Michelle.
by you-know-you-love-me March 13, 2010