Also see towel
Person 1: I'm about to take a shower, can you grab me a Michelle to dry off with when I finish?

Person 2: I sure can!
by thekingsofresh February 18, 2013
Michelle is simply the most incredible, amazing, wonderful creation that the universe will ever produce. She is unique and is obviously from another world
Combine intelligence, humour, courage, toughness, sensitivity, creativity, perseverance, sensuality, honesty and wisdom with the biggest heart imaginable and that is Michelle!
Her astounding physical loveliness is only eclipsed by the beauty that radiates from within her

Add a laugh that infects the world and you know why Michelle stands alone among women.
Person 1: I just met a woman like no other.

Person 2: Ahh! That's Michelle!
by Me2.2 February 07, 2010
Confident yet never conceited, this women will take you breath away. She is usually as loyal as they come, and to have her within your presence as a friend or lover is a privledge. I have never known a Michelle to let one down, to cause any problem, or do someone wrong. She is beautiful and amazingly smart.

Also, to be with her in bed is beyond the imagination! Once you have a taste of her, nothing else will suffice. Her body is like an ocean of gold of which you will never want to give up. Worth more than gold itself, this girl is a keeper.
Guy #1: How was your night?
Guy #2: I was with Michelle
Guy #1: OHhhhh I know your night was awesome!
Guy #2: Hell yeaz!

Last night was amazing, I spent it with Michelle!

That girl is as sexy as Michelle!
by Michelle's Lover January 02, 2012
A hot girl that is the best friend you will ever have. She is unusually smart, but not a nerd. She gets to know somebody before going out with them, and so she always ends up falling for her best guy friends. SHE IS NO SLUT. Michelles always seem to know who are good friends. They hate being with the "in" crowd, because they are unique and special in the best way possible. Pretty enough on the outside, but the inside is where their true beauty lies. They tend to know when people love their friends, but are often bilnd to who loves them.
I love that girl! She is such a michelle!

Yazzers: Michelle is my best friend!
Friend: Wow youre so lucky

Person: Michelle is my best girl friend!
Friend: I heard she likes you.
Person: REALLY???? YAY!
by Moo Li123 March 05, 2010 who is amazingly concieted and very crazy. Michelle's tend to be a little out there but that is what makes them so loveable. they are also nymphos.
2. crazy sexual postion where you don't even know what is going on.
3.a different dimension.
I was with "michelle" the other day and OMG it is was amazing.
I tried the "michelle" last night and it was the best thing ever.
I wish i could travel to "michelle" like Martin did.
by Marcus Caleb November 29, 2007
1. A gorgeous girl , with very captivating eyes

2. Also tend to attract many creepers, but that isn't an big issue for any guy, because Michelle is so amazing.
Jeff: Yo, did you see that new girl at school?

Dino: Yeah, I think she came from Barrie.

Jeff: Dam, she must be a Michelle
by JAM!!!!! February 21, 2009
The most beautiful, special girl i've ever met with the prettiest eyes. Stands out from the rest because of her stunning beauty, and the way she talks, walks, and moves tells me shes an angelic being from heaven. Many putos try to hate, but thats just cuz there some jealous fools who never got none before.
I cant sleep at night because I miss Michelle too much
by EseL0v3rBoy June 12, 2009
Gorgeous girl, great in bed and the perfect person to have a relationship with.Person with a perfect body expecially where the eyes are always attracted to. Generally comes with a crazy family but its worth not worriing about it because she's AWESOME in bed.
Look at that Michelle! He is so lucky to have her!

She's such a Michelle. Im so lucky!
by nairbllewol February 01, 2009
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