Micheal is truly the man's man. A truly well rounded individual capable of drinking large amount of alcohol, loving women roughly(and tenderly), know massive amounts of knowledge, and is talents at many, many things. Most people refer to Micheal as the baddest mutha fucka on the planet. They are correct in this assumption.
I was having a shitty time, and them Micheal showed up, stole my girl, drank all my beer, and showed me how to party like a real man.
by Khep August 14, 2009
Top Definition
A fat sack of shit that likes to catch dicks in his mouth and asshole.
Micheal and Jensen (a big nigger)had some butsex last night!
Are sweet, caring, smart,sexy with eyes to make you melt. Always trys to give 110% to his job, his family and his friends. Micheal's will always try to upstage and out do everyone else just to prove he's great in everything he does. Micheal's do have beautiful strong bodies that will make the girls melt. They are best matched up to Jennifer's or Amanda's. Micheal's aren't the best about talking about their feelings untill they have warmed up to you, watch out for when they do they will be a waterfall of emotions at once. Micheal's are some of the best when it comes to friendship, they are divoted and will watch your back and be there at the drop of a hat. Don't cross them or lie to them, or you may just lose the best thing in your live.
Broke down on the side of the road Micheal's the guy you could count on to come help out.
by aphroditeinlove March 25, 2010
Talented,poetic,amazing ideas.He is a vary loving hearted person,always going out of his way for everyone in need.Also stong willed and goal oriented.Never gives up on any task he sets.Always puts in 100%.And the best lover a women could ever have.
by Micheals love February 03, 2010
He's a real asshole at times. He's got a quick temper but a big heart. He would do anything for his family. He works hard and plays harder. He talks a lot of shit, but he won't hesitate to fight over someone he loves. He's a little jealous, but that's OK. And did I mention? He's sexy as Hell! :)
Micheal is sexy. He always smells like oil but I love him.
by CFFFF December 02, 2011
The bestest best friend ever, he likes to play video games and touch himself CONSTANTLY. He also excels at making political rants and being not huggable. Definitely Screwable.
Person 1: Hey its my bestest best friend Micheal!

Person 2: Oh look he's now going to masterbate while playing Xbox and ranting about politics!

Woman: *inside banging Micheal*
by Dickbutt MICHEAL April 06, 2012
Micheal is a man. Who is very sweet. Do anything to make you feel good. Has the most intense eyes. Phenomenal lips, Has a great body. When he fights he is the sexiest mother fucker alive. He loves you for who you are. Has an Asian fetish. He is loved by every woman. He may be an ass but has the heart to make you feel alot better. He may be a stupid bitch that drinks alot of aloohol. Or cuts himself. Yet he is amazing and noone would want to leave him. His definition is my love <3
nice handsome sweet cute amazing Micheal
by ZINJINSMOOT February 18, 2010
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