Her name means Gift From God.

She is exactly that.

Absolutely the most amazing girlfriend a guy could ask for. Super sweet, excessively kind, stunningly beautiful, and always loves more then most would think was possible!!! She makes friends everywhere she goes. she will make you really happy when you are down, and she'll be there when no one else is. Micaela will always make you laugh at her really cute jokes. She loves music and loves to dance. She is so humble and is always looking out for others. Micaela is the type of person that once you find them, you want to be with them forever!!! you always feel like your flying high up on cloud nine when your with her... ;)

and she has the most beautiful eyes ever!!!
person 1 - "woah"

person 2 - "yeah, thats Micaela"

person 1 - "i think she's an angel, she's just hiding her wings"
by martzw22 August 22, 2010
A name for a enigmatic creature who steals paint. Is speculated to eat paint and other art supplies.
Person 1- Dammit! Someone's taken my paints!

Person 2- It was probably a sneaky Micaela.
Person 1- Gah, what should I do?
Person 2- Just put it on a high shelf so the Micaelas can't reach it.
by Caelasgonnahate October 01, 2011
PP. pencil prude, urine, or penis
i micaelad in my pants with my massive micaela
by lalsdfjalsdjkf February 07, 2012
fugly little irish man
Oh that Micaela, she's a fugly little irish man.
by shazzamattaz August 29, 2011
Someone who loves and cares for hamsters of all shapes and sizes, but especially little small ones that are probably called something like hammy ham ham; A girl known to play dirty.
You ate my hamster, if only you were a Micaela.
That rugby hit was so Micaela.
by HAMMY_HAM_HAM October 07, 2006
Someone who has really good style, but no one likes her because she can be a cold harded bitch sometimes. She gets orgasms every couple minutes, and loves to play with her dog.
"I'm so happy i dont have a Micaela for a friend"
by ihatemicaela82 January 14, 2009

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