a club in dirrrrty mexicali
Dylon Hills desides to kiss a slutty stripper in a club just south of the border. now his buddys are giving him shit about him kissing his buddy striper. the gueros present were loren, steven,and ryan aka cher.and his mexican homies mikey and haby and in spirit the almost famous goose goose aka type R, aka satiro aka gus aka gasolina aka gustavo vega aka inventor of the sa sa sa and the goose dance
by Type R references 6 over goose December 06, 2004
Top Definition
a slutty club in mexicali where you can get and do alot for 20 dollars
Loren, Jose Miguel, especially Dylan got a 2 for 3 special at the miau miau
by Type R johnson December 05, 2004
somewere south of tha border
{in the act if being drunk by drinking too many sol ( mexican cheep beer ) tha almost famus GOOSE GOOSE danced tha jacuza ..za ..za ..za with tha bitches in tha miau miau AFTER A WILE HIS BEST BUDDY HABY HELPED HIS SORRY ASS OF THA STAGE.
by jr dot rubber duky December 06, 2004
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